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International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies

The role of education in boosting development: Thinking systemically

Authors: A. S. Norman

Journal: International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies

This paper presents a discussion on the role of education in boosting development in Africa thinking systemically. The paper reveals some challenges that face education systems and educators in various colleges and universities in Africa. Purposely, the paper expounds the role of educators, specifically universities, in providing relevant grades which conform to the ability of the students in attaining the same, and it further proposes areas of consideration (challenges) for ensuring quality education. The paper utilized a philosophical experiential approach and envisages some areas of research that would facilitate preciseness of information regarding education. The first part is the introduction which narrates the meaning of education in ever-changing environment. It also covers education and development as related concepts. The second part provides challenges facing education in Africa -thinking systemically. In addition the second part also provides some steps that are felt important in providing premises to education system and hence achieving the objectives of education. Finally is the conclusion, which asserts that education is a key to development if only it is designed to curb the challenges facing mankind in ever-changing environment. Moreover, educators should realize the difference among trainees (students) and that time pegged to accomplish programs are the key for boosting development.   Key words: Education, development, thinking systemically.