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International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies

The teacher-parent nexus in the competency based curriculum success equation in Kenya

Authors: Jane Amunga, Dinah Were, Irene Ashioya

Journal: International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies

Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) is based on learners demonstrating the ability to apply the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they acquire as they progress through their education. Despite initial resistance, this curriculum is now under implementation in Kenya after a pilot study conducted across counties. Successful implementation of this curriculum requires the concerted efforts of teachers and parents. The purpose of this study is therefore to establish the CBC activities that require parental involvement, parents’ opinion towards this expectation, teachers’ perceptions of CBC and the challenges they experience in the implementation of the CBC. The study was anchored on Vygostsky’s social constructivism theory and employed an exploratory research design. A sample of 56 participants took part in the study. Data were collected using open-ended questionnaires and in depth interviews, and analyzed thematically. Findings revealed that, parents were expected to work as co-educators with teachers and provide learning materials for practical sessions, but they were reluctant to do this. The teachers appreciated the sustained interest in learning brought about by CBC but cited numerous challenges like lack of materials, parental support, time, curriculum structure and class size among others. The study recommends that parents should be sensitized about their role in CBC, schools maintain optimum class sizes, the government provides adequate funding, and TSC improves staffing in public primary schools. In addition, talent schools should be established.   Key words: Competency based curriculum, constructivism, optimum and parental involvement, teaching and learning, educational policy.