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International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies

An empirical analysis that forecast a high likelihood of emergency loan need between ages 27-41 among graduate students for policy decisions

Authors: Efosa C. Idemudia, Ralph Ferguson

Journal: International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies

The increase in graduate schools’ enrollments due to the global recession poses a complex challenge for graduate school deans and policy decisions. The data indicate that between the ages 27 to 41 emergency loan need is high among graduate students. As more non-traditional students seek admission into graduate school, there may be a prescribed role for the emergency loan in order to reduce the level of borrowing necessary among traditional as well as non-traditional graduate students for effective policy decision making.  Analysis of emergency loan recipients provides insight for future researchers to investigate other critical factors that influence emergency loan need not addressed in this assessment.  In any case, however, emergency loans will clearly improve policy decisions relating to retention and completion rates among graduate students in a post recession world.   Key words: Emergency loan, graduate students, graduate schools.