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International Journal of English and Literature

International Journal of English and Literature

Hesitancy as an innate flaw in Hamlets character: Reading through a psychoanalytic lens

The contribution of Freuds theories to the literary analysis of two Victorian novels: Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre

Semantic roles in Ruluuli-Runyala

Deconstructing postcolonial scopic regimes: The subversion of power imaginaries in the novels of Ngugi wa Thiongo and Sony Labou Tansi

What a Lark! What a Plunge! The influence of Sigmund Freud on Virginia Woolf

Ambivalent identity and self repatriation in the plot characterisation of selected black auto/biographical novels

Are these students strategic enough? The study of college students application of self-regulation strategy into task oriented English learning

The Magnificence of Arabic: Orwa ibn Al-Ward an Epitome

An analysis of bullying in schools as presented by two Ugandan novels

Lyrical life: The prevailing mysticism of the evolution and inevitable putrefaction of the great human race

The practice of process approach in writing classes: Grade eleven learners of Jimma preparatory and Jimma University community preparatory school in focus

Learning the English Passive Voice: Difficulties, learning strategies of Igbo ESL learners and pedagogical implications

A study of the portrayal of virginity in Ugandan novels

Capitalism versus narcissism: Death of a salesmans psychoanalytic critique

Investigating the negative impact of pragmatic transfer on the acquisition of English pragmatic as perceived by L2 Learners: A review

Sacrificing the bull: Conceptualisations of fanā (spiritual death) in Rumis Mathnavi

Sri Aurobindos discovery of the Kingdom of Subtle Matter in Savitri and Albert Einsteins discovery of the Four-Dimensional Plane of Existence

Gender identities and the search for new spaces: Abdulrazak Gurnahs Paradise

Assessment of the qualities of academic writing in senior essays of English graduates: The case of Dire Dawa University

The politics of educational exclusion in the selected plays of Athol Fugard and August Wilson

Needs analysis of the writing skills of HND Business Studies students at Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi Edo State

Semiotics in the Whatsapp conversations of undergraduate students of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State, Nigeria

Depiction of human society through epic literary genres: A comparative perspective of the function of two African heroic epics

Combining transformative generative grammar and systemic functional grammar: Linguistic competence, syntax and second language acquisition

Silent pauses in the oral reading task: Pausing patterns and reasons for pauses

Age variation in the use of Nigerian Pidgin (NP): A case of Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria

Postmodernsim in OTam Pultos novel Elan Filega/Yeazo Collej,

A Study of Wole Soyinkas play The Lion and the Jewel in the light of cultures in conflict

The Imapct of muwshah and zajal on troubadours poetry

Taoism as ethics, science as background: On the left hand of darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin

Dare you rocking it: Contemporary women and the trap of the glass ceiling in chick lit

A question of the body: Colonial legacies and postcolonial imaginaries of power in African literary texts

Socio-political satire in Femi Osofisans Many Colours Make the Thunder-King

Moments of infinite joy within a limited time: The concept of time in John Greens The Fault in our Stars

You have no past, no history : Philosophy, literature and the re-invention of Africa

Globalisation and African womens bodies: Some fictional representations

The Poetry of Bruce Meyer: The inaugural poet laureate of the city of Barrie

The Necessity of idiomatic expressions to English Language learners

Masculinity and cultural conflict in Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart

And the word echoes: A taxonomy of repetitions in the sense of an ending

Representation of gendered art through gendered memories in Ahlam Mosteghanemis Memory in the Flesh and Chaos of the Senses

Identities in The Tempest, Tempests in Identities

Oralture on twin rituals among Jopadhola of Uganda

Pragmatism, prostitution and morality in Philip Chidavaenzis the haunted trail (2012) and Virginia Phiris Highway Queen (2010)

Enslavement and freedom in Aldous Huxleys Brave New World

To thee the harmless snake I bring: The Non-Cavalier Erotics of Marvells Mower Poems

Divergent perspectives: The representation of the maternal subject in American postwar novels about the rejection of motherhood

Tamburlaine The Great of Marlowe as the hero of Machiavelli

Canonical colonial approaches in Shakespeares The tempest

Metaphors in political discourse: A review of selected studies

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