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International Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology

Theileria parva genome and CTL candidate vaccine antigens: An overview

Authors: Nyerhovwo J. Tonukari

Journal: International Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology

  The availability of complete genome sequences for a variety of organisms, coupled with genome-wide analyses that allow evaluation of the functions of thousands of genes in parallel, have the potential to greatly impact on cell biology research. The lymphocyte-transforming Theileria parva parasite nuclear genome (8.3 Mbp in length consisting of four chromosomes) available in GenBank reveals genes with strong similarity to other known apicomplexan homologs. Mining of sequence data has proved useful in the search for candidate vaccine antigens. Genome mining and cDNA library screening identified six antigens targeted by CD8 T cells from T. parva-immune cattle of different major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genotypes. These antigens are being evaluated for the development of a subunit vaccine.   Key words: Theileria parva, apicomplexan homologs, genome mining, cDNA library screening.