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Inkanyiso: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Inkanyiso: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Development of Ubuntu HeartMath Workshop for social coherence and spirit at work

The mediating role of assessments in the development of problem-solving skills in university students

Research Data Management (RDM) in agricultural research institutes: a literature review

Happiness as an end: A critique of Aristotle’s rational eudaemonism

A philosophical analysis of character education as panacea to Nigeria’s leadership crises

Clinical informatics tools for healthcare quality improvement: A literature review

Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in southwestern Nigeria and traditional healers’ perception of indigenous knowledge digitisation

Exploring the usage of social media in public libraries

How our rights affect their rights: rethinking animal rights in Africa

The problem of consciousness: an assessment of Michael Tye’s and David Chalmers’ criticisms of the phenomenal concept strategy

Nigeria’s democracy: the trilemma of herdsmenism, terrorism and vampirism

Contextual background to the rapid increase in migration from Zimbabwe since 1990

Factors influencing the adoption of mobile financial services in the unbanked population

A cross-cultural analysis of communication patterns between two cultures in Southwest Nigeria

Library and Information Science education in Anglophone Africa: Past, present and future

Facing the future: between altruism and self-interest

Strategies for managing deviant behaviour among in-school adolescents as expressed by secondary school counsellors in Kwara State, Nigeria

Applying the knowledge creation model to the management of indigenous knowledge research

An integral, positive psychology paradigm for global coherence, research, and health promotion

The influence of Kant’s critical philosophy on Logical Positivism

Ideational representation of prostitution and social meaning in Chika Unigwe’s On Black Sisters’ Street

African colonial boundaries and nation-building

The status and challenges of clinical informatics development in South Africa

Serving remote users in selected public university libraries in Kenya: Perspectives of the section heads

Maximising the potential of social media to deliver academic library services to students: A case study of The Technical University of Kenya Library

Challenges of the implementation of language policies in southern Africa: What is the way forward?

Kant’s theory of concept formation and the role of mind

The contribution of philosophy to Africa’s development

The suppression of political opposition and the extent of violating civil liberties in the erstwhile Ciskei and Transkei bantustans, 1960-1989

Effect of leadership styles on successful implementation of a performance management system

Outsourcing information communication technology services in selected public university libraries in Kenya

Information Literacy (IL) learning experiences: A literature review

The role of the African Union (AU) in preventing conflicts in African States

Jonathan’s Constitutional Conference in Nigeria: A reflection and a radical critique

Relations between the Zulu people of Emperor Mpande and the Christian missionaries, c.1845-c.1871

Bipolar disorder, childhood bereavement, and the return of the dead in Edgar Allan Poe’s Works

Applying Social Capital Theory and the Technology Acceptance Model in information and knowledge sharing research

The influence of organisational factors and work-family conflict on organisational commitment among working parents

Promoting family resilience in South Africa: a community psychological, multicultural counseling approach

Perception of library service quality, satisfaction and frequency of use of library resources

Globalisation and the state: implications for the state of human rights in Africa

Cultural identity in the throes of modernity: an appraisal of Yemoja among the Yoruba in Nigeria

The royal women of the Zulu monarchy through the keyhole of oral history: Queens Nandi (c. 1764 – c.1827) and Monase (c. 1797 – 1880)

The royal women of the Zulu monarchy – through the keyhole of oral history: Princess Mkabayi Kajama (c.1750 – c.1843)

Why they might have gone wild: the Yorubas of southwestern Nigeria and the politics of the First Republic

Trust in government and the politics of fuel subsidy removal in Lagos, Nigeria.

Yoruba proverbs and the anti-corruption crusade in Nigeria

Can informetrics shape biomedical research? A case study of the HIV/AIDS research in sub-Saharan Africa 1

Career information processing strategies of secondary school students in Osun State (Nigeria)

The status and development of informal sector and ICT access in Kenya

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