Society of African Journal Editors

Inkanyiso: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Inkanyiso: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

The problem of language in contemporary African philosophy: some comments

African indigenous knowledge: scientific or unscientific?

‘Miss Independent’: gender and independence on the African continent

Ole Jija : Rethinking theft in the Yoruba ethical system

Identity construction and gender involvement in online social networks among undergraduates in two universities, Southwest Nigeria

An analysis of the opinions of African immigrants on service delivery by the Department of Home Affairs, South Africa

Understanding metacognitive awareness among teachers in the school system: issues and benefits

Contestations of identity: colonial policing of female sexuality in the Cross River region of Southern Nigeria

Fluidity in democratic local governance: the Achilles’ heel of Nigerian Local Government

The impact of emotional intelligent on workers’ behaviour in industrial organizations

Public sector ethics in the United Kingdom: an overview

The state of Ghana’s local government system: the case of Assembly Members

Principal leadership and its impact on student discipline in Kenyan secondary schools: a case of Koibatek district

Educational publishing and provision of quality primary school textbooks in Kenya

The role of trust, innovation and knowledge management in entrepreneurial survival strategies: a study of selected cybercafé micro-entrepreneurs in Ibadan, Nigeria

Games, tradition and ‘Being Human’ in Ayi Kwei Armah’s "The Healers"

Caritas and Habitus in Dan Jacobson’s ‘The Zulu and the Zeide’

Naming practices in colonial and post-colonial Malawi

Reversing brain drain in Africa by engaging the diaspora: contending issues

Emerging role of media as the language art in children’s literature in Kenya

Spoils politics and environmental struggle in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria

The effects of alcohol consumption on student life at a rural campus

The stuttering implementation of language policies in the South African education system

Rural tourism development: a viable formula for poverty alleviation in Bergville

Intimate partners’ violence in Southern Ethiopia: Examining the prevalence and risk factors in the Sidama Zone

Risk-bearing sexuality within the context of internet use among young people in Lagos metropolis

The ‘we versus them’ divide in Nigeria: rethinking traditional epistemologies

The present and future growth of scholarly publishing in Africa

Applying knowledge management strategies to economic development in sub-Saharan Africa

Leadership, the financial sector and development in Nigeria

Decentralization of school management to boards of governors in secondary schools in Kenya: a case of Trans-Nzoia County

Alumni access policies in public university libraries

Breath psychotherapy

The influence of yoga therapy on anxiety

An evaluation of a stress management intervention for parents of children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

The erosion of African communal values: a reappraisal of the African Ubuntu philosophy

Religion, religiosity and adolescent risky sexual health behaviour in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria

Federal government financing of grassroots decay in Nigeria: the case of Edo state

Local government autonomy and development of localities in Nigeria: issues, problems and suggestions

Fear of crime and the role of the police

Neurophysiologic, phenomenological, cultural, social and spiritual correlates of empathy experiences: integral psychological and person centered perspectives

Enlightenment and virginity

Research issues in the humanities and social sciences in Africa in the 21st Century: challenges and opportunities

Mapping research areas and collaboration in the College of Human Sciences, University of South Africa

Investigating the information needs of sandwich and part-time students of two Public universities in Ogun State, Nigeria

Polygamy (polyandry & polygyny): Yes or No?

Jesus, moral regeneration and crime in the Gospel of John

Tourism based Black Economic Empowerment [BEE]: Initiatives for local community development

The provision of recreation services for the aged in the Durban Metropolitan Area (DMA)

Umberto Eco’s The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana : A conduit for culture, consciousness and cognition

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