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International Journal of Livestock Production

International Journal of Livestock Production

Cost effectiveness of feeding cattle genotypes fed rice straw with graded levels of concentrate supplements

Production practices of local pig farmers in Ghana

Some internal and external egg quality characteristics of local and exotic chickens reared in Yirgalem and Hawassa towns, Ethiopia

Socio-economic perception of snail meat consumption in Fako division, south-west region Cameroon

You should be slaughtered! Experiences of criticism/hate speech, motives and strategies among German-speaking livestock farmers using social media

Suboptimum reproductive performance among dairy herds in Uganda

Factors influencing success of artificial insemination of pigs using extended fresh semen in rural smallholder pig farms of Rwanda

Carcass and meat quality characteristics of two hair type breed lambs fed tef (Eragrostistef) straw ensiled with effective micro-organisms and supplemented with concentrates

Genetic evaluation of dairy cattle based on morning and afternoon milking test day records with fixed regression model

Genotype and sex effects on the performance characteristics of pigs

The effect of using either soybean or groundnut straw as part of basal diet on body weight gain, and carcass characteristics of Gumuz Sheep

Growth and carcass characteristics of Afar lambs at two concentrate levels supplementation and slaughter weights fed Tef Straw Basal Diet

The prevalence of foot related problems in working donkeys and its implication on the livelihood of donkey owners in Hawassa City, Southern Ethiopia

Toxin and toxin-binders affecting the performance, organs, haematology and histological characteristics of broilers fed with infected diets

Effects of snail offal meal on performance of broiler chickens

Major causes of chicken mortality in and around Hawassa City, Sidama Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Effects of sources of dietary protein supplemented to oat-vetch hay mixture on milk yield and milk composition of crossbred dairy cows

Urban poultry production systems and constraints of local and exotic chickens reared in Yirgalem and Hawassa Towns, Ethiopia

The effect of physical feed restriction during the starter period on broilers performance

Determination of body weight from morphometric characteristics of guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus) reared in southern Benin

Prevalence of bovine mastitis, risk factors, isolation and anti-bio gram of major pathogens in Mid Rift valley, Ethiopia

Productive and reproductive performance of indigenous chickens in Gena Bossa District of Dawro Zone, Ethiopia

Effect of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) grain on growth performance of Cobb 500 broiler chickens

Farmers perception on sheep production constraints in the communal grazing areas of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

A critical audit on available beef and chicken edible offals and their prices in retail chain stores around Gaborone, Botswana

Assessment on consumption and marketing system of chickens in Gena Bossa district, south Ethiopia

Aflatoxigenic fungi in Nigerian poultry feeds: Effects on broiler performance

Beef edible red offal condemnations in Kgatleng Slaughter Facilities, South eastern Botswana in a wet and dry season period

Assessment of factors affecting adoption of exotic chicken breed production in North Western Zone of Tigray, Ethiopia

Productive and reproductive performance of indigenous chickens in Ethiopia

Current Status of animal biotechnology and option for improvement of animal reproduction in Asia

Assesment of quality and marketing of hide and skin in Adamitulu Jidokombolcha and Bora Woreda in East Shewa Zone of Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Local sheep and goat reproductive performance managed under farmer condition in Southern Ethiopia

Influence of dietary wood charcoal on growth performance, nutrient efficiency and excreta quality of male broiler chickens

Phenotypic characterization of the West Africa dwarf goats and the production system in Liberia

Production performance evaluation of koekoek chicken under farmer management practice in Tigray region, northern Ethiopia

Livestock production system characterization in Arsi Zone, Ethiopia

Poultry manure as a protein supplement in indigenous goat production in Zimbabwe

Small ruminant production and constraints in Misha Woreda, Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Ethiopian native chicken productivity, aims of production and breeding practices across agro-climatic zones

Determination of bee spacing and comb cell dimensions for Apis mellifera Scutellata honeybee race in western Ethiopia

Potential risk factors associated with carcass contamination in slaughterhouse operations and hygiene in Oyo state, Nigeria

Effects of L-Arginine supplementation of drinking water on the kidney and liver of Sasso chickens

Livestock-feed balance in small and fragmented land holdings: The case of Wolayta zone, Southern Ethiopia

Phenotypic characterization of pigs and their production system in Liberia

Comparative analysis of climate change impact on livestock in relation to biomass base feed availability using standardized precipitation index in south-western Ethiopia

Success drivers of pig artificial insemination based on imported fresh semen

Relationships between sperm morphology and semen cation concentrations in red sokoto goats (Capra aegagrus hircus)

Feed resources assessment, laboratory evaluation of chemical composition of feeds and livestock feed balance in enset (Ensete ventricosum)-based mixed production systems of Gurage zone, southern Ethiopia

Evaluation of the reproductive performance of Holstein Friesian dairy cows in Alage ATVET college, Ethiopia

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