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International Journal of Modern Anthropology

International Journal of Modern Anthropology

The miraculous dynamism of the Qur’an: An example of a modern reading reveals a DNA designation

Knowledge, beliefs and sources of information of HIV among students of a Tertiary Institution in Nigeria

Balancing material prosperity with spiritual growth for effective Christian citizenship: The case of women of Full Gospel Mission Cameroon

Genetic affinity of Muslim population in South India based on HLA-DQB1 and relationship with other Indian Populations

Cart-ruts in Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain) and Malta: first evidence of dating supported by dated ceramics

New insights into human early embryo development: a particular theoretical study

Children of the forests: Child gatherers and traders in non-wood forest products in the Mazowe Valley area in Zimbabwe

Naming practices in contemporary Machame-Chagga culture

Inescapable Reflexivity for Social Science Research in India for Now: A Personal Dialogue with the Lived Contexts of Anthropology

African Youth’s ‘Whirl-wind’ Allegiance to Leadership

The politics of memory in Samarkand in post-Soviet period

A Lunisolar Prehistoric Calendar in Lanzarote Island: "La Quesera" (Cheeseboard) from Zonzamas

Anthropometric study of philtrum (face) and other nasal parameters in Nepal

The moon: in prehistoric lunisolar rock calendar “quesera” cheeseboard- at Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Malta and Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain) cart-ruts and rock prehistoric calendar at Zonzamas, Lanzarote -"Quesera"/Cheeseboard

Application control region of human mitochondrial DNA in forensic anthropology

The Tunisian Revolution “The free, youth revolution” from an anthropological perspective

HLA genes in Atlantic Celtic populations: are Celts Iberians?

Rainmaking rituals: Song and dance for climate change in the making of livelihoods in Africa

Management of Conflicts within Beer Drinking Settings

Origin of Azeris (Iran) according to HLA genes

Editorial: A gentle revolution in the world of academic publication

Bio-resource utilization for food and medicine: a case study of a primitive tribal group of Jharkhand, India

Novel description of aldosterone synthase CYP11B2 -344 T>C gene polymorphism related to hypertension in Mexican Amerindians: Teenek, Mixtec and Mayans

The Incidence of Finger Ridge Counts among the Christian Population of Mysore, India.

Toward a Historical Archaeology of West African Borderlands

HLA genes in Chimila Amerindians (Colombia), the Peopling of America and Medical implications

North African genetic variation of cytochrome and sulfotransferase genes

Major Histocompatibility complex-DMB allelic diversity in old and new world nonhuman primates: Intraspecies pattern of evolution

Man creation had began since the creation of the first biological material very likely in Clay

Origin of Ancient Canary Islanders Guanches: presence of Atlantic/Iberian HLA and Y chromosome genes and Ancient Iberian language

The evolution of Arabic(s): Making the Idiom speak for the Deme

Recent out of Yemen: new version of the theory of unique and recent origin of modern man

Pacific Islanders and Amerindian relatedness according to HLA autosomal genes

Religion of the Tangkhul Naga in North-East India: Continuity and Change

Spies like us? Respondent perceptions of research sponsors in 20 African Countries

Synthetic review on the genetic relatedness between North Africa and Arabia deduced from paternal lineage distributions

Language as genes of culture and biodiversity conservation: The case of “Zaysite” language in southern region of Ethiopia

The Nature of Identity in “ The Grapes of Wrath ”: A postmodern Study

Tiwanaku ( Titikaka Lake, Bolivia ) and Alberite Dolmen (Southern Spain) ritual “ears”

A theoretical ovary position in link with the global anatomical structure of each human female body

Themes in Spirit Possession in Ugandan Christianity

New contribution on the LRRK2 G2019S mutation associated to Parkinson’s disease: age estimation of a common founder event of old age in Moroccan Berbers

Iberian-Tartessian scripts/graffiti in Iruna-Veleia (Basque Country, North Spain): findings in both Iberia and Canary Islands-Africa

Origins and spreads of Alpha 1 antitrypsin variants in world human populations: a synthetic review

Synthetic review on the different anthropological aspects of hemoglobinopathies in Tunisia

Insights on the history of Anthropology: its emergence in the wider Middle East before it existed as a discipline

Anthropological significance of dermatoglyphic trait variation: an intra-Tunisian population analysis.

Psoriatic arthropathy in a 17th century archaeological protestant population belonging to Saint-Maurice cemetery in France

The Basque Language: History and Origin

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