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International Journal of Peace and Development Studies

International Journal of Peace and Development Studies

Urban local authorities in Zimbabwe and the new constitution

Trust relationship: The way of peace between India and Pakistan

Extremist violence, secular and religious: Is there a more basic counter path?

Presenting natures, factors, and security implications of farmland related inter-household conflict in Northern Ethiopian Highlands of Wollo: Evidences from Jamma Woreda

Christian-Muslim dialogue with particular reference to Pentecostals and Muslims in Nairobi, Kenya

Countering Islamic fundamentalism and out group hostility in North-East Ethiopia: Kemissie city administration Muslims

Rural development: Lessons never learnt

Community participation in transformation of rural livelihoods and climate smart farming technologies in the semi-arid lands of Kenya

Remedying the retreat in the protection of citizens international human rights

Security, peace and development: Unpacking discursive constructions of wartime rape and sexual violence in Syria

Relative deprivation: An explanation to inter-ethnic conflict in Metekel Zone, North Western Ethiopia, since 1991

Natural resources and civil conflicts: Policy analysis under general equilibrium

Changes and continuity in the conceptualization of development: A review

National dialogue as solution to African problems: The D. R. Congo in focus

Somalias turbulent path to peace and stability

The reasons behind the debates and discussions on population growth: Positive or negative impacts on economic, social, political, natural resources and environmental developments

Road traffic accident: Human security perspective

Political party youth wings and political violence in sub-Sahara Africa: A case of Ghana

Name your price: Economic compensation and suicide terrorism

International responses to human trafficking: The Ghanaian experience

Implications of ethnic nationalism: The Niger delta region of Nigeria as a case study

Semiotics expert system: An integrative approach towards maintenance of community peace

Employment creation, income generation, poverty and women in the informal sector: Evidences from urban Eritrea

To summon the nations: Russia and The Hague peace conferences

How do interventions in land administration in post-conflict situations facilitate state building?

The democratic peace theory: Validity in relation to the European Union and Peaceful cooperation between United States and China

The clash of sexuality or rhetoric of human rights: Exploring same sex marriage and sustainable human development nexus

Scheduling village heads in enhancing conflict resolution and peace building in a rural community

The paradox of Cameroon-Nigeria interactions: Connecting between the edges of opportunity/benefit and quandary

The effects of communal land sub-division and land use changes on household waste production in the Southern rangelands of Kenya

Emerging role of NGOs in the worlds socio-political affairs

Genuine leadership and the global financial crisis

The era of empire or globalization? The impact of the global shift on development thinking and society

An essay on the necessity for universal outlawing of use of force in the 21st century

A review of trade liberalisation and trade between Jordan and the United States

Impact of Implementing the Third Mission of Universities in Africa (ITMUA) collaborative research project, 2010-2011

Foreign policy of Eritrea: Explained in the light of democratic peace proposition

Is the Eritrean Government a victim or a sponsor of Islamic extremism and terrorism?

Siachen stalemate

Religion and social cohesion in Ethiopia

A perspective on public policies during the last dictatorship and the beginning of democracy in Argentina: The case of Obras Sanitarias Sociedad de Estado Mar del Plata-Batn

Contact, communication and compassion as stairways to peace: A holistic sociological perspective

The mutual determinants of individual, community, and societal health and peace

Conflict zone and developmental issues faced by youth: A study from Kashmir

U.S. Aid falls short in the social, political and economic advancement of Afghan women

Women in the informal sector: Evidence from Southwestern Ethiopia

Political economy of the new slave trade in Africa

Communal conflict and resource development in Ini Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

The nexus between labor reallocation and sectoral productivities in Pakistan: 1980 to 2007

Post-conflict operations of local governments in dispute resolution in Northern Uganda

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