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International Journal of Physical Sciences

Determination and establishment of empirical relationship between magnetic susceptibility and mechanical properties of typical basement rocks in Southwestern Nigeria

Influence of natural additives and crushed bricks on the physical and mechanical properties of repair and restoration mortars

Preparation of thermal neutron absorber based B4C/TiO2/polyaniline nanocomposite

Solar events and seasonal variation of foF2 at Korhogo station from 1992 to 2002

Performance assessment of cross polarization models at millimetre wavelengths along EarthSpace path in Nigeria

Estimation of swelling potential of Enugu Shale using cost effective methods

Assessment of groundwater quality condition at Tarauni dumpsite area, Kano Northwestern Nigeria

On the slow-time geomagnetic field modulation of cosmic rays

Assessment of heavy metal pollution in marine sediments receiving produced water, Delta State, Nigeria

Comparative study of caffeine content in beans and leaves of Coffea arabica using UV/Vis spectrophotometer

The magnetic moment of elementary particles is studied by space vector and space curvature

Integrated geophysical approach for imaging sedimentary outcrop at Northwestern Peninsular Malaysia

Seasonal analyses of solar radiation on flat ground for different stat of sky: Case of Nouakchott, Mauritania

Gravitational waves as a test of general relativity

Mineralogical and major oxide characterization of Panyam clays, North - Central Nigeria

A framework of 5G networks as the foundation for IoTs technology for improved future network

Designing off-grid hybrid energy supply with photovoltaics in Senegal

Application of density matrix renormalization group to one-dimensional Hubbard model to study strongly correlated electrons system

Multivariate statistical assessment and spatial distribution of groundwater contamination in Neke and its environs, South-Eastern Nigeria

Magneto-Stark effect on exciton in parabolic bandGaAs/〖Ga〗_(0.7) 〖Al〗_(0.3) As quantum well heterostructure

Estimation of sedimentary thickness using spectral analysis of aeromagnetic data over Otukpo and Ejekwe areas of the lower Benue Trough, Nigeria

A study on the effects of solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field on geomagnetic H-component during geomagnetic storms

Magnetic source basement depth determination of Ikogosi Warm Water Spring South Western Nigeria and the environ using aeromagnetic data

Structural, magnetic and transport properties of samarium (Sm) doped Cu-Zn ferrites

Thermospheric neutral winds over Abuja, Nigeria

Spectral analysis and source parameter imaging of aeromagnetic data of Lafia and Akiri Areas, Middle Benue Trough, Nigeria

Assessment of outdoor radiation levels and radiological health hazards in Emene Industrial Layout of Enugu State, Nigeria

Magnetosphere convection electric field (MCEF) time variation from 1964 to 2009: Investigation on the signatures of the geoeffectiveness coronal mass ejections

Noise exposure levels and health implications on daily road side petty traders at some major roundabouts in Ibadan, Nigeria

Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation for the formation process of nanofilms

Deriving an expression for electron-reflection-coefficient at metal-semiconductor-interface of dye-sensitized solar cells

Quantification and correction of the Thomsens Delta Anisotropy for improved quantitative seismic interpretation in AMFO Field, Western Niger Delta

Radionuclide concentration: The coal ash effect

Mineralogical and geochemical properties of clay deposits in parts of Southeastern Nigeria

Theoretical models for prediction of methane production from anaerobic digestion: A critical review

Energy and exergy analysis of a solar photovoltaic module performance under the Sahelian Environment

Gross alpha and beta activity concentrations in soil and some selected Nigerian food crops

Comparative analysis of physical and chemical characteristics of selected clays deposits found in Kebbi State, Nigeria

Optical and structural performance of polymer/fullerene thin film based on Poly (3-hexylthiophene)/1-(3-methoxycarbonyl)propyl-1-phenyl[6,6]C61 [(P3HT)/PCBM] after post-annealing

Seven-dimensional space-time and its objects: Arbitrary spin state, electromagnetic fields, mirror symmetry and superconductivity

Correlation of geotechnical parameters with geological formations in a basement complex and its implications on civil structure foundation

Feasibility analysis of hybrid electricity generation system by HOMER for Mauritanian northern coast

Investigating influence of the phases of solar activity cycle 23 on coronal mass ejections transit time

A compact and sensitive avalanche photodiode-based gamma detection and spectroscopy system

Comparative study of commercial gas with biogas produced from co-digestion of corn cob, rice chaff, goat and dog dungs

On the effect of convective heat and mass transfer on unsteady mixed convection MHD flow through vertical porous medium

Simulation of the impact of climate change on peanut yield in Senegal

Interpretation of aeromagnetic data over some parts of Mambilla Plateau, Taraba State

Improvement of the homotopy perturbation method to nonlinear problems

Investigation of gravity anomalies in parts of Niger Delta Region in Nigeria using aerogravity data

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