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International Journal of Physical Sciences

Numerical calculation of the electron mobility in ZnS and ZnSe semiconductors using the iterative method

Authors: M. Rezaee Rokn-Abadi

Journal: International Journal of Physical Sciences

The electron mobility of ZnS and ZnSe semiconductor compounds were calculated by using the iteration method. We considered polar optical phonon scattering, deformation potential acoustic, piezoelectric and ionized impurity scattering mechanisms. Band nonparabolicity, admixture of p functions, arbitrary degeneracy of the electron distribution, and the screening effects of free carriers on the scattering probabilities are incorporated. We investigated temperature and doping dependencies of mobility for the given compounds. The electron mobility of the two materials was found to be similar, though the ZnS characteristics were on the whole superior. It is also found that the electron mobility decreases monotonically as the temperature increases from 100 to 600 K for two crystal structures. The low temperature value of electron mobility increases significantly with increasing doping concentration.   Key words: Electron mobility, piezoelectric, ionized impurity, nonparabolicity.