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International Journal of Physical Sciences

Dimension reduction based direction of arrival estimation with partially calibrated distributed electromagnetic component sensor arrays

Authors: Hui Chen, Qun Wan, Yipeng Liu

Journal: International Journal of Physical Sciences

In this paper, we proposed a dimension reduction, based on the direction of arrival and estimation approach, using an array of spatially distributed electric and magnetic component sensors, and the array comprises subarrays that are well calibrated individually but not with each other. To verify our proposed method, computational complexity of the proposed method was analyzed and compared with existing method, it was shown that the new dimension reduction based method reduced the computational loads significantly. Furthermore, we discussed DOA identifiability issues for such arrays and derived a relevant Cramer-Rao bound. Computer simulations were conducted to illustrate the effectivity of the proposed estimator.   Key words: Direction of arrival estimation, dimension reduction, distributed electromagnetic component sensor array.