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Ilorin Journal of Religious Studies

Ilorin Journal of Religious Studies

A comparative study of the Islamic studies components of Religion and National Value (RNV) in the 9-Year Basic curricula

A study of the economic impact of the Anglican church communion on Nupeland

Return to African Traditional Religion after conversion to Christianity or Islam: Patronage of culture or religious conversion?

Islamic law of succession in relation to women

Implications of religious conflicts on peace, national security and development in Nigeria

An assessment of David Hume’s impossibility of miracle

Towards a sustainable egalitarian society in Nigeria: a reflection on the leadership style of cUmar bn Al-Khaṭṭāb

Trends in evangelical conception of Christian eschatology

An examination of the sources and expenditures of funds in the Islamic cooperative societies in Nigeria

Wedding expenses and its customary application among Muslims in Gombe Metropolis: an analysis from the Maliki Juristic perspective

Trends in the religious beliefs of the Igbomina since the twentieth century

A theological assessment of Matthew 24:6-7 in the light of insecurity in Nigeria

Checking out for good! A critique of the Nigerian economic migrants turned missionaries in London

The impact of christ apostolic church on Yoruba diaspora in the New York District

The decalogue as a guide for Yorùbá Christian ethics

Western Christian interpretation of African traditional medicine: a case study of Akamba herbal medicine

Trends in dacwah activities in Ilorin: an appraisal of the Jabata group

An examination of the emergence of Faydah at-Tijaniyyah in Ilorin, Nigeria

“Noble morality”: the 18th Ḥadīth of Imam An-Nawawi’s collection as a strategy for change in Nigeria

The theology and practice of Christ Apostolic Church on divine healing in the context of Pentecostal theology

A reading of “oil” (James 5:14) in the Ghanaian Christian Ministry

Comparative discourse on Yorùbá concept of spirit-husband and Muslim exorcists’ belief in intermarriage between jinn and man

Impact of Isra’iliyyat reports on the Islamic creed of contemporary Muslims

A general description of the formation and activities of Islamic Dacwah groups in Nigeria

The place of early childhood training (Proverbs 22:6) in building sustainable Nigerian future

Elimination by substitution: the travesty of changing cultural names to biblical names by pentecostals in southwestern Nigeria

Inter-religious conflicts: a review of Zimbabwe’s religious landscape, post-independence

The growth and development of Islam in Epe, Lagos State, Nigeria, 1851-2010

Multi-dimensional approach to crisis management in the church

Religion, peace and security in Nigeria

The messianic kingdom theology in Luke-Acts

God and the demon in Cartesian and Akan philosophies: a comparative analysis

The relevance of the Islamic principles on cleanliness to contemporary times: focus on hand washing

A study of the misuse of Sūratu Yāsīn among Yoruba Muslims

Civil disobedience and democratic sustainability in Nigeria: a study of Acts 5: 17-42

Plea bargaining and the religious cum socio-cultural concept of Yoruba ọmọlúàbí in the Nigerian political landscape

The role of Sunday schools in Christian socialisation of children in Africa: a case study of Africa inland church in Kenya

Universalising the concept of identity with Islamic theological perspective

Islamic banking and the question of secularism in Nigeria

An African’s perspective on leadership in the Book of Titus

Natural theology and modern science: an exposition on emerging scientific proofs for God’s existence in Christianity

Situations of the al-Majiri system of education in contemporary Nigeria: Matters arising

A discussion of James 1: 27 and its impact on efforts in evangelization and discipleship in the Ghanaian Christian context

Source-critical studies in Luke-Acts: Implications for understanding Luke, the Evangelist

A Comparative Study of the Scriptural Rajm and Yorùbá traditional Mágùn in Nigeria

Joseph Ratzinger’s theological hermeneutics for Christians’ faith enhancement: An appraisal

The plights of widows and widowhood in Nigeria: Reflections on 2 Kings 4:1-7

Constantine and Christianity: The formation of church/state relations in the Roman Empire.

God, Heaven and Hell: The Philosophy of Belief

Re-examining the message of the parable of the Prodigal Son in the light of its context

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