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Journal of Agricultural Extension

Productivity of new rice for Africa under different contour patterns in northern Guinea Savanna of Kaduna State, Nigeria

Authors: Mamman K. Saleh, Omadachi O. Ugbabe, Abba G. Shettima, Ladi L. Yakubu

Journal: Journal of Agricultural Extension

This study investigated productive and profitability capacities of contour farming technologies in rice production in Barangwaje, Ikara Local Government Area and Dutsen Abba in Zaria Local Government Area of Kaduna State. In Barangwaje, 36 and 28 farmers from Dutsen Abba were selected based on interest for the trials. To compare the profitability, seeds, land preparation, fertilizer application and use of family labour, among others were used. Stochastic frontier model was employed to determine the efficiencies of contour rice farmers. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics, gross margin analysis and stochastic frontier model. The results showed that almost all (96%) of the respondents had annual income between ₦ 100, 000 and ₦150,000. High proportion (76%) of the respondents had extension contact and all the farmer had access to agricultural credit. In Barangwaje, the gross margin for one hectare of land cultivated was ₦420,253.75 for contour, ₦88,508.75 for contour + ridge-tie, N1,791.25 for flat land and ₦45,357.50 for farmer’s practice (up-down slope). In Dutsen Abba, gross margin obtained shows that contour + ridge tie had ₦34,978.56, flat land had ₦26,132.06, contour had ₦2,313.00 and farmer’s practice (up-down slope) had ₦114.31. Investment in rice cultivation was profitable as indicated by return per Naira invested. Stochastic frontier model shows that contour rice farmers were highly efficient as indicated by the value of gama (0.99), which implies that 99% of the variation of output from frontier was due to technical efficiency of the farmers. It concluded that rice production was highly profitable. Measures should be in place to reduce importation of rice in order to encourage local production. Constraints faced by farmers were not indicated in the abstract. Keywords: Rice, contour, contour + tie, profitability, allocative, efficiency