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Journal of Agricultural Extension

Beneficiaries’ perception of the west Africa agricultural productivity programme implemented by the University of Nigeria Nsukka in Enugu State, Nigeria

Authors: Taiwo F. Adeogun, Ekwe A. Agwu

Journal: Journal of Agricultural Extension

This study assessed beneficiaries’ perception of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme activities in Enugu State. The study sought to ascertain participants' perception on the effectiveness of programme, as well as identified participants' level of satisfaction with its implementation and also determined possible constraints to its implementation. Multi stage sampling procedure was used to sample 80% of the participants of the programme i.e. 87 persons. Data were collected using interview schedule and analysed using mean statistics. Participants perceived that the type of personnel used for the programme operations (  x̄ = 2.55), the farmers’ sensitization process in preparation for the programme ( x̄  =2.25) and use of mobile phone in disseminating information on the programme activities (  x̄ =2.18) were effective in the programme implementation. Participants were satisfied with the method of information dissemination on the WAAPP activities (  x̄ =2.22) as well as the farmers sensitization processes on the programme activities (  x̄ =2.12). The major constraints militating against effective implementation /utilization of WAAPP programme were insufficient credit facilities (  x̄ =2.62) and inadequate funding attached to each package of the project (  x̄ =2.59). The study recommends that government should increase farmers’ involvement in the planning and implementation of future projects as this will go a long way in making them better. Keywords: West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP), programme effectiveness and beneficiaries’ satisfaction