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Journal of Agricultural Extension

Constraints to USAID MARKET II soybean production project in Benue State Nigeria

Authors: Juliana C. Iwuchukwu, Chris T. Beeior

Journal: Journal of Agricultural Extension

The study examined the constraints hindering the success of USAID MARKETS II soybean production project in Benue State, Nigeria. The population for the study included all 509 project participant soybean farmers of USAID MARKETS II project. A total sample of 150 respondents were purposively selected from all the eight soybean producing local government areas in the State who were the participants of the project. Interview schedule was used for data collection, while percentage, mean score and factor analysis were used to analyze the data. The results of the study revealed that project participants had positive and negative perceptions towards USAIDMARKETS II soybean production project in Benue State. Economic, institutional and linkage constraints were extracted as constraints hindering the success of the project. Active participation of government in providing logistic support and frequent monitoring and evaluation of the project will help to overcome lapses, boost interest and capabilities of farmers/ participants in the project and ensure success of the project. Keywords: Constraints, USAID MARKETS II, soybean