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Journal of Agricultural Extension

Intra-household roles in cocoa production in Ondo State, Nigeria

Authors: Akinnagbe Oluwole Matthew, Adeniran Tosin Precious, Adeniran Adebayo Adeniyi

Journal: Journal of Agricultural Extension

This study examined intra-household roles in cocoa production in Ondo State, Nigeria. Multistage sampling procedure was used to select sample of 70 cocoa farmers. Primary data were collected with the aid of structured interview from the cocoa farmers. Data were analysed using frequency, percentage and mean statistic. Results reveals that family labour (81.4%) was the main sources of labour used in cocoa production and majority (51.4%) used their personal saving as the major sources of fund for cocoa production. Fellow farmers (90.0%) and radio (62.9%) were the main sources of information on cocoa production. Men were involved in planting cocoa seed at the nursery (90.0%). Women were more involved in assembling of harvested pods (68.6%). Men and women were more involved in transplanting of seedlings permanent site (84.3%, 81.4%) and removal of beans from the pod (72.2%, 80.0%). Intra-household roles in cocoa production revealed that men and male children were more involved in preparation of shade at the nursery (92.9%), land clearing (100.0% and 81.4%), weeding (97.1% and 81.4%), spraying of herbicides (97.1% and 75.7%), spraying of pesticides (100.0% and 78.6%), removal of mistletoe (98.6% and 81.4%) and harvesting (100.0% and 84.3%), respectively. Women and female children were more involved in sundrying of cocoa beans (82.9% and 90.0%). All (men, women, male and female children) were more involved in nursery maintenance (92.9%, 80.0%, 78.8% and 74.3%). The major constraints to cocoa production were unavailability of labour to carry out essential farm activities ( x̄ =3.56), unfavourable prevailing weather condition ( x̄ =3.54) and poor extension agent-farmers contact ( x̄ =3.51). The study recommends that issues relating to cocoa production should be addressed to specific  individual household members performing such roles in order to enhance productivity. Keywords: Intra-household, roles, cocoa production