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Journal of Agricultural Extension

Determinants of participation of farmers in the e-wallet agricultural input delivery system in Abia State Nigeria

Authors: Machiadikwe N. Agbarevo, Onyinyechi Ukagha

Journal: Journal of Agricultural Extension

The study determined the factors influencing farmers’ participation in the Scheme in Abia State, Nigeria. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to select a sample of 162 farmers, who are participating in the E-wallet scheme. In the first stage, the State was divided into the three Extension Zones of the State ADP. In the second stage, 2 blocks were selected from each of the three Zones, giving a total of 6 blocks out of 54 blocks. In the third stage, 3 sub-circles were selected from each block, giving a total of 18 sub-circles. In the fourth stage, 9 farmers were selected from each sub-circle, giving a total of 162 farmers as the sample size. Data for the study were collected through the use of a structured questionnaire. The null hypothesis was tested using inferential statistics (Ordinary Least of Squares model of regression analysis). The study found a significant influence of the selected socio-economic factors on farmers’ participation in the E-wallet Scheme as seven out of the eleven factors were significant at 1 & 5% level. The factors included: sex, marital status, E-wallet experience, farm size, farming as main occupation, yield, and co-operative membership; while age, income, education and farming experience were not significant. The study concluded that the Scheme was achieving its goal of improving farmers’ yield since the influence of yield and previous participation in the Scheme were very significant at 1%. The study recommended among others, more publicity of the Scheme and registration of more farmers into the scheme because it is leading to increase in farmers’ yield, which in turn would help in achieving food security. Keywords: Determinants, farmers, participation, e-wallet, input, delivery