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Journal of African Economy

Journal of African Economy

Money and Income Causality in Developing Economies: a Case Study of Selected Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa

Africa's Got Work To Do: A Diagnostic of Youth Employment Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa

Finance and Economic Development in Africa: Introduction and Overview

Child Work and Schooling: The Role of Household Asset Profiles and Poverty in Rural Ethiopia

The Determinants of Poverty in Côte d'Ivoire in the 1980s

Financial Development and Economic Growth: Global and African Evidence

Globalisation and Gender Inequality: Is Africa Different?

The CFA Franc Zone and Fiscal Discipline

An Examination of Morocco's Trade Options with the EU

Political Monetary Cycles and Independence of the Central Bank in a Monetary Union: an Empirical Test for a BEAC Franc Zone Member Country

Does Good Governance Matter more for Energy Investment? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Is Africa an Optimum Currency Area? A Comparison of Macroeconomic Costs and Benefits

The CFAF Devaluation, Naira Parallel Exchange Rate and Niger's Competitiveness

Household Migration Decisions as Survival Strategy: The Case of Burkina Faso

Public Debt and the Exchange Rate in the CFA Franc Zone

Role of Access to Credit in Rice Production in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Mwea Irrigation Scheme in Kenya

On the Relation between Nominal Devaluation and Real Devaluation: Evidence from African Countries

Real Exchange Rate Misalignment in the CFA Zone

An Assessment of the Effects of the 2002 Food Crisis on Children's Health in Malawi

Reforming Public Service Delivery

Firm-Level Responses to the CFA Devaluation in Cameroon

Agglomeration, Growth and Regional Equity: An Analysis of Agriculture- versus Urban-led Development in Uganda

Infrastructure and Economic Development in Africa: A Review

Marketing Natural Products and the Development of Synthetic Substitutes: a Kenyan Example

Quantifying the Process and Performance of River Basin Water Management Decentralisation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Plenary Session on Financial Services and Economic Development in Africa: Uganda's Experience with Financial Sector Reform and Lessons for Africa

The Credibility Problem in Trade Liberalisation: Empirical Evidence from Kenya

Financial Services and Economic Development in Africa

The Failure of Aid and Adjustment Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa: Counter-examples and Policy Proposals

Economic Analysis of Land and Livestock Management Interventions to Improve Resilience of a Pastoral Community in Southern Ethiopia

Ethnic Fractionalisation and Aid Effectiveness

Services and Economic Development in Africa: An Overview

The Spatial Integration of Livestock Markets in Niger

Production Efficiency of Smallholders' Vegetable-dominated Mixed Farming System in Eastern Ethiopia: A Non-Parametric Approach

Asymmetries in the Behaviour of Members of a Monetary Union: a Game-Theoretic Model with an Application to West Africa

Anchoring to the Euro (and Grouped Together)? The Case of African Countries

Insurance Against Poverty

Small Country Experiences with Exchange Rates and Inflation: the Case of Botswana

FDI and Migration of Skilled Workers Towards Developing Countries: Firm-Level Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Tax Revenue Instability in Sub-Saharan Africa: Consequences and Remedies

The Macroeconomics of HIV/AIDS

The Impact of Agricultural Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa

A Tale of Cyclicality, Aid Flows and Debt: Government Spending in Sub-Saharan Africa

Production Externalities of Education: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia

Cohort-Specific Rural-Urban MigratCohort-Specific Rural-Urban Migration in Africaion in Africa

Social Preferences and Environmental Quality: Evidence from School Children in Sierra Leone

Smallholder Diversification and Income Growth in Zambia

Maize Market Liberalisation in Benin: A Case of Hysteresis

The Revenues and Expenditures of African Governments: Modalities and Consequences

Have Returns to Education Changed in Nigeria? Uncovering the Role of Democratic Reforms

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