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Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

Revisiting the status of pastoral womens access to and control over livelihood assets; evidences from Fafan zone, Somali region, Ethiopia

Challenges and contributions of informal finance to the livelihoods of rural households in Gamo Gofa Zone, Ethiopia

Climate change, food insecurity and household adaptation mechanisms in Amaro Ward, Southern Region of Ethiopia

Analysis of social media mainstreaming in E-extension by agricultural development programmes in North Central Zone, Nigeria

Effect of Soil and Water Conservation (SWC) Measures on Soil Nutrient and Moisture Status, a Case of Two Selected Watersheds

Famers perceptions on effectiveness of extension delivery approaches to Mbororo female livestock farmers in North-West Region Cameroon

Determinants of agriculture participation among tertiary institution youths in Ghana

An overview of agricultural extension in Botswana and needed reforms

Determinants and challenges of rural livelihood diversification in Ethiopia: Qualitative review

Adoption determinants of row planting for wheat production in Munesa District of Oromia Region, Ethiopia

Assessment of forest management practices and livelihood income around Arero dry Afromontane forest of Southern Oromia Region in Borana Zone, South Ethiopia

Review on gendered perspective of households participation in agricultural activities in Ethiopia

Enhancing sorghum yield through demonstration of improved sorghum varieties in Tanqua-Abergelle Wereda, Central Zone of Tigray, Ethiopia

Gender roles in fisheries post-harvesting activities in catch-locations within Coastal Areas of Lagos State Nigeria

Determinants of commercialization of teff crop in Abay Chomen District, Horo Guduru wallaga zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Beekeeping management practices and gap analysis of beekeepers at different agro-ecological zones of Tigray region, Northern Ethiopia

Pastoralists perceptions on the impact of Vachellia karrooencroachment in communal rangelands of the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Factors affecting smallholder farmers participation in degraded forest rehabilitation practices. The case of Gemachis District, West Hararghe Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia

Public discourse on Khat (Catha edulis) production in Ethiopia: Review

Review of challenges and opportunities for dairy cattle farming under mixed system of Homa Bay County, Western Kenya

Livelihood diversification strategies among the Borana pastoral households of Yabello District, Oromia Region, Ethiopia

Success story of implementing the self-sustaining agricultural extension system in Rwanda

On-Farm Demonstration of Improved Varieties of Faba bean (Vicia fabaL.) in Gemechis, Chiro and Tullo Districts of West Hararghe Zone, Oromia National Regional State of Ethiopia

Technological gaps of agricultural extension: Mismatch between demand and supply in North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia

Factors affecting paddy farmers perception of utilizing agricultural machines in Indonesia

Participatory on farm evaluation of improved mungbean technologies in the low land areas of North Shewa Zone Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Choices and implications of livelihood diversification strategies on smallholder farmers income in Saesietsaeda Emba District, Eastern Tigray Region of Ethiopia

Prospects and challenges of management of smallholders Wovwe Rice Irrigation Scheme in Malawi through participatory approach

Technology tracking: Understanding decisions to adopt, not to adopt, and dis-adopt household greywater filtration systems

Gender and youth challenges and opportunities in rural community: The case of Goregora, West Dembia district of North West Ethiopia

Participatory evaluation of the adaptability of released maize varieties to moisture stress areas of Dugda Dawa, southern Oromia

Impact of productive safety net program in rural community of Ethiopia: A review study

Pollinator habitat: A cooperative project between the landfill industry and blueberry growers

Farmers knowledge and practice of organic vegetable cultivation: A field level study of two villages from Bangladesh

The implications of smallholdings of water and land for the sustainability of a community based water management system in Oman

Determinants of smallholder farmers participation in seed producing cooperatives in Southern Zone of Tigray, Ethiopia

Knowledge and perception of farmers on the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in Ife-Central Local Government Area of Osun State: Implications for rural development

Influence of social networks and social support on credit utilization in the Savings and Credit Cooperatives in Soroti District, Uganda

Agricultural knowledge, source and information system in central highland of Ethiopia

Smallholder farmers experiences of climate variability and change on pineapple production in Ghana: Examining adaptation strategies for improved production

Assessment of on-farm storage of Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea) and roselle grains (Hibiscus sabdariffa) in Niger

Perceptions and choices of adaptation measures for climate change among teff (Eragrostis tef) farmers of Southeast Tigray, Ethiopia

Evaluation of frontline demonstration of herbicide (Pyroxsulam) for weed control in bread wheat in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Assessing the performance of an irrigation scheme in Okyereko, Ghana

Rural agricultural development and extension in Mexico: Analysis of public and private extension agents

Effect of contract tobacco farming on the welfare of smallholder farmers in Angonia District, Mozambique

Understanding actor innovation behavior: The application of network governance theory in agricultural innovation platforms

Harmonization of extension messages on climate smart agriculture in Malawi: Do we speak with one voice, and to whom?

Access to dry season water and small ruminants market integration in the Nadowli District of Upper West Region of Ghana

Utilization of climate change adaptation strategies among rice farmers in three states of Nigeria

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