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Journal of Agricultural Research and Development

Journal of Agricultural Research and Development

Profitability analysis of cassava processing in Uhunmwonde Local Government Area, Edo State, Nigeria

Comparison of data envelopment and stochastic frontier models in analysis of efficiency and its factors in ginger farms in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Genotypic variability and stability of fibre yield components in kenaf ( Hibiscus cannabinus L.)

Crop farmers and pastoralists’ socio-economic characteristics influencing agricultural land use conflicts in Abia State, Nigeria

Analysis of household participation in non-timber forest livelihood: evidence from Ido Local Government Area Council of Oyo State

Effects of plant population and soil amendment on growth and grain yield of grain amaranth ( Amaranthus cruentus L.)

Response of Sesamum radiatum Schum vegetable and seed yield to phosphorus fertilizer under basal application of nitrogen fertilizer

Analysis of impact of Fadama III programme on poverty status among root and tuber crop farmers in central states, Nigeria

Rural farm-households perception of land-related conflicts as an impediment to livelihoods in Imo State, Nigeria

Extraction and characterization of essential oils of seeds of maize, Zea mays L., soybean, Glycine max L., pumpkin Telfairia occidentalis Hook F. and lemon, Citrus limon L.

Impact of Fadama III programme on the income of tuber farmers in north central states of Nigeria: double difference estimator approach

Factors affecting adoption of urea deep placement technology by rice farmers in Kwara State, Nigeria

Soil weed seedbank dynamic and allelopathic potential of Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl)

Assessment of the usage of social media among agricultural extension workers in Kwara State, Nigeria

Correlation and prediction equations for eight-week bodyweight in Sussex and Orpington chickens

Physiological and haematological indices of two Nigerian goat breeds reared under uniform conditions during dry season

Effects of feeding chevon modified by dietary supplementation of Andrographis paniculata in rats as bioindicators

Influence of postmortem application of shaddock ( Citrus maxima ) peel powder on lipid oxidation of semimembranosus muscle in goat

Comparative study of the effects of artesunate and garlic extract on tomato crown gall disease

Metal hazard on the health safety of the people of two towns in the oil producing area of Akwa-Ibom State

Technical efficiency of irrigated vegetable production among smallholder farmers in the Guinea Savannah, Nigeria

Social network and innovation dissemination among farmers in Kwara State, Nigeria

Effects of phosphorus and zinc applications on the yields and yields components of sole early maturing maize ( Zea mays ) and bambaranut ( Vigna subterranean Thour. ) and in intercrop under southern guinea savannah ecology zone

Assessment of health care services on crop farmers’ activities in Oke-Ero Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria

Youth agrophobia: the roles of gender and general self-efficacy in a Nigerian agriculture-affiliated-undergraduate sample

Dry matter content and post-harvest physiological deterioration as phenemarkers for characterization of improved clones of cassava

Investigation into ivory trade in selected markets and hotels in Lagos, Nigeria

Socio-economic potentials and threats to the African walnut in tropical lowland rainforests of southwest Nigeria

Comparative analysis of wholesale and retail frozen fish marketing in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Rivers State, Nigeria

Effects of Borassus aethiopum extract on semen characteristics, fertility and hatchability in chicken

Growth and carcass characteristics of Japanese quails ( Coturnix coturnix japonica ) fed natural propriety premix based diets

Non specific immune response in the African catfish, Heterobranchus longifilis fed diets fortified with ethanolic extracts of selected traditional medicinal plants and disease resistance against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Replacement value of maize with ripe and unripe plantain peels in the diet of juvenile catfish ( Clarias gariepinus Burchell, 1822)

Assessment of hatchling egg losses and two chick sexing methods in the Nigerian indigenous chicken

Laying performance and egg qualities characteristics of Japanese quail ( Coturnix coturnix japonica ) fed natural propriety premix based diets

Analysis of food security and poverty status of rural farming households in Bauchi state, Nigeria

Effects of feeding un-extruded floating feed to African giant catfish ( Heterobranchus longifilis )

Effects of climate change on agricultural production and rural livelihood in Nigeria

Systems of innovation and agricultural productivity in African economies

Growth indices and grain yield attributes in six maize cultivars representing two era of maize breeding in Nigeria

Effects of Moringa oleifera seed oil supplemented diet on performance of two genotypes of broiler chickens

Growth indices and economic implications of weaned rabbits fed Leucaena leucocephala leaf protein concentrate

Effect of drying temperatures on the proximate composition and sensory attributes of chicken egg

Genetic variations in non-specific immune response to experimentally induced infection with Aeromonas hydrophilia in strains of the giant African clariid catfish; Heterobranchus bidorsalis

Effect of harvesting periods and processing methods on carotenoid profile of yellow trifoliate yam flour

Analysis of factors affecting the technical efficiency of cocoa producers in the south-west region of Cameroon

Enhancing inorganic fertilizer use in Imo State, Nigeria

Response of leaf nutrient content, growth and corm yield of cocoyam ( Xanthosoma sagittifolium Schott) to tillage and poultry manure

Analysis of safety issues in household meat consumption in Odeda local government area, Ogun state

Microbiological and proximate analyses of unripened cheese ‘Wara’ sold in Ilorin environs, Kwara state Nigeria.

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