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Journal of African Studies and Development

The politics of actor involvement in local economic development in Ghana: Empirical evidence from the Accra Metropolitan, Keta Municipal and Shai-Osudoku District Assemblies

Using the sustainable livelihood approach to explore determinants of off-farm diversification by land reform beneficiaries in Sanyati District-Mashonaland West Province-Zimbabwe

Gendered patterns of labour-force participation and productivity in tourism and hotel sectors in Arusha and Moshi urban areas, Tanzania

Towards a theoretical model linking university education to climate change interventions in the African context

Performance management and health service delivery in the local governments of Uganda

The rationale behind the Penan Kubaan Ethnic Groups refusal to seek wage employment in the mainstream economy of Malaysia

State regulation of religion in Uganda: Fears and dilemmas of born-again churches

Foster care ontologies: A qualitative study in Zimbabwe

Challenges of educational digital infrastructure in Africa: A tale of hope and disillusionment

Security implications of oil exploration on social activities in South Lokichar Basin, Turkana County, Kenya

Teacher learning in the context of curriculum reform

Theoretical and conceptual framework for gender analysis of attitudes and adaptation mechanisms to climate change for sustainable livelihoods in Uganda

Scientific investigations on paper and writing materials of Mali: A pilot study

Vendetta case and oath based indigenous conflict management in Jawi district, Northwest Ethiopia: A symbolic ritual perspective

Exploring the uncharted territory of devolution in Zimbabwe

Social protection mechanisms for children living on the streets: Perspectives from Uganda

Femininity, masculinity and family planning decision-making among married men and women in rural Ethiopia: A qualitative study

The teaching Of Unhu/Ubuntu through Shona novels in Zimbabwean secondary schools: A case for Masvingo urban district

Stakeholders engagement at Magozi Rice Irrigation Scheme: Case study of moving from food-aid dependency to food self-sufficiency in Tanzania

Return migration and development in rural communities: The case of Nzega and Magu districts, Tanzania

Enhancing local livelihoods resilience and food security in the face of frequent flooding in Africa: A disaster management perspective

Re-possessing Africa, new approaches to leadership, governance and democracy: Critical implications for public policy

Groundwater conflicts or disputes? Experience from Mbarali District in Tanzania

Survival strategies and livelihood diversification of Ileje Migrants in Mbozi District, Southern Tanzania

Groundwater users awareness of water institutions in Tanzania: A case study of Mbarali District, Mbeya Region

Combining indigenous wisdom and academic knowledge to build sustainable future: An example from rural Africa

Appraisal of the impact of the gender of household heads on housing condition in Egbeda-Iragbiji, Osun State, Nigeria

Introducing the Jaarsa Biyyaa customary dispute settlement institution among the Horroo society of Ethiopia

Indigenous conflict management and resolution mechanisms on rangelands in pastoral areas, Ethiopia

Empowering traditional rulers and grassroot mobilization for rural development in Cross River State, Nigeria

Socioeconomic characteristics of prisoners and food insecurity occurrence and prevalence in Malawis prisons

Discontents in Japans aid discourse in Africa: Land grabbing activism in Tokyo International Conference for Africa Development (TICAD) process

Factors contributing to irregular migration: A case of Kasulu District, Tanzania

An analysis of western diversity management theories in a Nigerian context

Craft globally, blame locally: How global neo-liberal development cartographies obfuscate social injustices against the poor in Sub-Saharan Africa

Barriers to parent-child communication on sexual and reproductive health issues in East Africa: A review of qualitative research in four countries

Enhancing the middle class as a development resource in Africa: Insights from Northern Ghana

Media and democratic imperatives in Nigerias fourth republic

Does decentralization have a role in poverty reduction? The Ethiopian experience

Killing Ebola: The militarization of US aid in Liberia

Drivers of north-south migration in the Wa West District: Economic returns or migrants sub-culture

A survey of university students views on the nature and significance of nicknames to the Shona people of Zimbabwe

Foreign Aid Effectiveness and Development Strategies in Eritrea: A lesson for Sub-Saharan African countries

Moving, fishing and building: A building-back-home culture of Ijo migrant fishermen in Nigeria

A review of diversity management in Nigeria: Organizational and national perspective

Entrepreneurship and its link to corruption: Assessment with the most recent world and country-group data

Financial literacy for developing countries in Africa: A review of concept, significance and research opportunities

Fixed and mobile telephones in West African Economic Monetary Union countries: complementary or substitute services?

In defence of electoral politics and democracy in Africa: Review of Lindbergs Thesis

Economic Studies in Togo show that Private investment has a ripple effect on both foreign direct investment and public investment

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