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Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

Phytochemical and mineral content in leaves, stem and bark of Pterocarpus santalinoides (nturukpa) from Afikpo, Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Assessment of metal contamination in Ubeyi River and accumulation in fish and sediment

Determination of some heavy metal content in tilapia and cat fish species in Lake Njuwa, Adamawa State, Nigeria

Influence of locally sourced additives on neem plant organic fertilizer quality in Samaru, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria

Miospore biozonation of cenomanian - santonian succession in Famo-1 well, Gongola Sub Basin, Upper Benue Trough, Nigeria

Isolation, characterization and antibiotic resistance profile studies of bacteria from an excavated pond in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Nigeria

Comparative evaluation of organic manure from some invasive plants, poultry manure and NPK on the growth of Corchorus olitorius L

Replication of ciphertext in cryptographic system

An alternative solution to n-puzzle problem

Yield performances of tomatoes (Lycopersicum esculentum) on organic manure buffered lateritic soils

One dimensional simulation of extrusion channel of biomass pelleting machine

Growth performance evaluation of leaf characteristics of Rhizophora racemosa grown in amended mangrove - garden soil

Determinants of farmland degradation and its implication on crop productivity and sustainability

Impacts of human-wildlife conflict in developing countries

Comparative analyses of the return on investment of 2013 and 2015 mineral policy reforms in Burkina Faso

Estimation of soil water retention curve in semi-arid areas using fractal dimension

Conceptual model of effect and form of architecture and structures

Effect of rumen content to water ratio in biogas production

Achieving groundwater resource sustainability at watershed scale by conjunctive use of groundwater and surface resources

Global stability analysis of the disease-free equilibrium state of a mathematical model of trypanosomiasis

Generation of empirical correlation for predicting drag reduction of oil-water flows with natural polymers

Extraction of vegetable oil from avocado seeds for production of biodiesel

Phytochemical analysis and antioxidant evaluation of lemon grass ( Cymbopogon citratus DC.) Stapf leaves

Isolation and characterization of lupeol from the whole plant of Phaulopsis bateri

Semi analytical method for solving lymphatic filariasis epidemic model

Paleoclimatic cycles, sea level history and sequence stratigraphic elements in eocene–oligocene sediments of BIMOL-1 well northern Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria

Proximate and phytochemical composition of African mahogany ( Afzelia africana ) seed and African mesquite ( Prosopis africana ) pod

Phytoremediation of cadmium-polluted soils with Ipomoea asarifolia (Desr.) Roem. & Schult

Serum lipid profile, liver function indices and electrolyte levels in diabetics and subjects with hepatic impairment in the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital

Multiple users round trip time models in IEEE 802.11b WLANS

Assessment of soil pH and heavy metal concentrations in agricultural land impacted with Medical Waste Incinerator (MWI) Flue Ash (FA) in Abia State, Nigeria

Physiochemical characteristics and heavy metal levels of water from hand dug wells in Ikiran-Ile, Akoko Edo Local Government Area, Edo State, Nigeria

Direct assay of monosodium glutamatein multi-sourced bouillon cubes by first derivative potentiometric titration

Preliminary phytochemical and antimicrobial activity screening of crude extracts of bird lime ( Tapinanthus globiferus )

Effects of dump site soil on the leaf structures of Luffa cylindrical (sponge gourd) and Amaranthus viridis (green amaranth)

Assessment of the environmental impacts of solous municipal solid waste landfills using soil properties and earthworms ( Eudrilus eugeniae )

Application of formula method for bound state problems in Schrödinger equation

Climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa: a menace to agricultural productivity and ecological protection

Evaluating genotoxic effects of plants exposed to heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at dumpsite, mechanic workshop and metal scrap site in Lagos

Estimation of global solar radiation, sunshine hour distribution and clearness index in Enugu, Nigeria

Comparative studies on the production of biodiesel from shea nut oil by acid catalyzed and supercritical transesterification processes

Comparative evaluation of the effects of organic and inorganic fertilizers on the vegetative growth of spleen amaranth ( Amaranthus dubius L)

Cost-benefit analysis of urban water supply and distribution scheme

Intrasound therapy: an effective alternative to sodium diclofenac phonophoresis in the management of mechanical chronic cervical spine pain

Influence of Third Cemetery Location on the Quality of Domestic and Groundwater Resources in Benin City, Nigeria

Dominant Bacterial and Archaeal Phyla Associated with Top Soils Sourced from Commercial Farm Holding in Delta State, Nigeria

Influence of Soaking Time and Sodium Hydroxide Concentration on the Chemical Composition of Treated Mango Seed Shell Flour for Composite Application

Plasmid Curing in Multi-Drug Resistant Hospital and Community Uropathogenic Escherichia coli

Qualitative Assessment of Some Available Water Resources in Efon-Alaaye, Ekiti State Nigeria

Multidrug Resistance Patterns and Multiple Antibiotic Resistance Index of Salmonella species Isolated from Waste Dumps in Zaria Metropolis, Nigeria

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