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Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

Formulation of a mathematical model for transmission and control of Zika virus fever dynamics

Authors: K.A. Adeyemo, N.I. Akinwande, S Abdulrahman, F.A. Kuta

Journal: Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

We formulated a mathematical model for the transmission and control of zika virus fever dynamics, incorporating controls; and mosquito bite, sexual contact, vertical transmission blood transfusion as medium of transmissions. Based on our previous findings that the model is mathematically well posed for analysis, the state variables at the endemic state are expressed in terms of parameters and forces of infection, substitution and simplifying led to a polynomial. Invoking Descartes sign rule of polynomial confirmed the existence of a unique endemic equilibrium point of the model if and only if the effective reproduction number is greater than one ( R e > 1). Keywords: Zika virus fever; Control; Medium of transmission; Unique endemic equilibrium point