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Journal of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology

Journal of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology

Numerical simulation of steady state heat conduction in a slab with non-isothermal boundaries using Markov Chain Technique

Design, fabrication and performance evaluation of multipurpose grill

Utilisation of granulated scrap tyre in asphaltic concrete mixes: a study of Agbabu Plain Bitumen in Nigeria

Effects of rubber crumb particle distribution on the properties of rubberized concrete

Relationship between structural complexity and performance of data mining classification algorithms

Ergonomic and safety evaluation of staircases in a Nigerian University

Development and performance evaluation of a low-cost motorised wooden maize sheller

Development of passive evaporative cooling systems for tomatoes Part II: performance evaluation

Carbonised palm kernel shell effect on the physico-chemical properties of clay-sand mixture

Effect of slip velocity on forced convection flow, heat and mass transfer over a continuous moving sheet in a nanofluid with suction and injection

Fruit identification employing computer vision based on artificial neural network backpropagation algorithms

Performance assessment of PI, PID and Fuzzy-PI-Controllers in migrating voltage sag using Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR)

A practical acoustic echo cancellation using normalized least mean square adaptive filters

The effect of A5TB refiner on the fatigue strength of 6063AL alloy

Comparative analysis of infiltration measurements of two irrigated soils in Akure, Nigeria

Pulverized injectability assessment of selected Nigerian coals

Design, fabrication and preliminary testing of oil expeller for sesame seed

Use of cement and bagasse ash in the modification of lateritic soil

Pretreatment effect on sun and solar drying of carrot slices

Design, construction and performance evaluation of a Cassava storage structure

An assessment of Box-Jenkins models: Forcados monthly rainfall as case study

Assessment of heavy metals pollution in sediments and surface water of River Benue, Makurdi, Nigeria

Strength and sorption properties of cement-bonded composites produced from eucalyptus ( Eucalyptus tereticornis SM.) veneer waste

Sustainability of water resources development in the Komadugu Yobe River basin of Nigeria

Effects of selected pre-treatments on the setting of cement composite from two rattan species

Wood energy production efficiency in Akinyele local government area of Oyo State

Comparison of physical workload in four Gari -frying working postures in Nigeria

Preliminary study of the ergonomics of Gari frying

Adsorption of Bio accumulated Heavy Metals Using Activated carbon Derived from Palm Kernel Shell

Development and testing of a model biofilter

Emhanced pond efficiency through solar radiation

Spreadsheet modelling of unit and storm hydrographs for ungauged watersheds

Temperature changes associated with die profile in axisymmetric forward extrusion process

Nickel (II) ion desorption kinetic modeling from unmodified and chemically modified oil palm ( Elaeis guineensis ) fruit fibre absorbents

Application of the Random Vortex Method to Natural Convection Heat Transfer from an Open Channel

Evaluation of Local Vegetable Oils as Quenchants for Hardening Process in Grey Cast Iron

Nickel (Ii) Ion Desorption Kinetic Modeling From Unmodified and Chemically Modified Oil Palm (Elaeis Guineensis) Fruit Fibre Adsorbents

Influence of Temperature on Compression, Impact Strength and Barreling in Recycled Polyvinylchloride

Tillage Effects on Maize Performance and Physical Properties of a Sandy Soil

Compatibility of Calamus deerratus and Lacosperma secundiflorum Rattan Particles with Ordinary Portland Cement

A Survey of Face Recognition Technique

Characteristics of Effluent from a Chemical Fertilizer Industry in Southern Nigeria

Effect of Prior Cold Work on Grain Refinement in ST 44-2 Mild Steel by Cyclic Re-Austenitizing

Moisture-Density Relation of Lime –Treated Samples of Lateritic Soils in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria

Model Development for Economic Replacement of Equipment in a Depressed Economy

Variations in Wood Anatomical Characteristics of Nigerian grown Triplochiton scleroxylon and their Relationships with Selected Mechanical Properties

The Effects of Some Environmental Substances on the Outer Boundaries of Copper Specimen in Plain Torsion

Evaluation of Some Mathematical Models for Estimating Evaluation of Some Mathematical Models for Estimating

Health Hazards Among grain Storage Workers in Nigeria

Effects of Type of Work and Age on Spinal Shrinkage

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