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Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology

Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology

Production and characterization of wine from mango fruit ( Mangifera indica ) varieties in Kenya

Effect of accel, sucrose and silver thiosulphate on substrate utilization in cut tuberose ( Polianthes tuberosa L.) flowers

Assessment of pesticide use and application practices in tomato based agrosystems in Kaliluni sub location, Kathiani district, Kenya

Antimicrobial activity of Warbugia ugandensis against gramnegative multi‐drug resistant bacteria

Effect of Thidiazuron, NAA and BAP on in vitro propagation of Alstroemeria aurantiaca CV. ‘Rosita’ from shoot tip explants

Identification of Glossina morsitans morsitans odorant binding proteins genes in Glossina fuscipes fuscipes : a preliminary study

Seasonal distribution of major diseases among sheep and goats in selected sub humid areas in Nigeria

Determination of levels of copper in Kamiti river along coffee farms in Kiambu, Kenya

Assessment of pollution in Ndarugu river due to runoff and agro-industrial wastewater disposal

The heavy metal content of crops irrigated with untreated wastewater: a case study of Nairobi, Kenya

Effect of municipal solid waste ash on the strength of earthen bricks and walls

Perception on biophysical components of Kit‐Mikayi site for cultural landscape conservation

Practical application of the geometric geoid for heighting over Nairobi county and its environs

Development of smart controller model for dual fuel generator systems

Wireless transmission of metering data from a photovoltaic solar home system via global systems for mobile communication (GSM) short message service (SMS)

Morphological characterisation of two endemic species of Gomphocarpus (Mobydick) in Kenya

Phytochemical and anti‐plasmodial screening of three selected tropical plants used for the treatment of malaria in Oshogbo, south-western Nigeria

Evaluation of pesticide safety measures adopted by potato farmers in Chebiemit division, Elgeyo/Marakwet county, Kenya

Assessment of selected native plants growing along Nairobi river for uptake of copper, zinc and cadmium

Effectiveness of ultraviolet light personal protective equipment used by informal sector arc welders in Machakos town, Kenya

Biosafety practices and biomedical hazards among the support staff of Kenyatta national hospital, Mbagathi district hospital and Kiambu district hospital in Kenya

Laboratory surveillance of cholera in Nyanza province during the outbreak from April to July 2007

Assessment of the solar radiation potential of the Thika and Nairobi area

Raman crystallinity and Hall Effect studies of microcrystalline silicon seed layers

Estimation of change point in binomial random variables

Classification rates: non‐parametric verses parametric models using binary data

Stock market price prediction using artificial neural network: an application to the Kenyan equity bank share prices

Evaluation of fire safety measures at local universities in Kenya with reference to fire risk reduction rules ln.59, 2007

The application of project management in construction projects

Overall seasonal energy cost analysis of smallholder pumped irrigation systems in the arid and semi-arid lands of Kenya

2D-euler deconvolution and forward modeling of gravity data of Homa-hills geothermal prospect, Kenya

A geo-electrical resistivity conceptual model update for the Menengai geothermal system

Evaluation of noise levels in manufacturing sectors in Thika district, Kenya

Application of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system technique in design of rectangular microstrip patch antennas

The effect of spatial planning patterns on distribution of pedestrians in public spaces of residential neighbourhoods in the city of Nairobi

The role of urban space design characteristics in influencing social life of Swahili streets: the case of old town Mombasa

Extended Langmuir model fitting to the filter column adsorption data of copper and zinc

Effect of subsequent storage of tuberose ( Polianthes tuberosa L.) bulbs after low temperature pre - treatment improves growth, percent sprouting and cut flower quality

Properties of Prosopis juliflora and its potential uses in Asal areas of Kenya

Cashew nut shell liquid: an agricultural by-product with great potential for commercial exploitation in Kenya

Invasive species in east Africa: current status for informed policy decisions and management

Evaluation of nutritional properties of tissue cultured sorghum [ Sorghum bicolor (L) Moench]

Pozzolanic characteristics of municipal solid waste ash

Ecological management of the Mau catchment area and its impact on Lake Nakuru national park

Parametric modeling of probability of bank loan default in Kenya

Small area estimation: An application of a flexible fay-herriot method

Investigating the maximum determinant for an NXN matrix

Water and water-borne diseases in North Masaba District, kenya

Neglect of elderly sexuality - a risk factor for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in Kenya and beyond: A review

An investigation of the structure beneath Magadi area in southern Kenya rift using gravimetric data

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