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Journal of Brewing and Distilling

Journal of Brewing and Distilling

Comparison of unaged and barrel aged whiskies from the same Mash Bill using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry

Evaluation of copper content in beers obtained from retail in Sweden

Application of high gravity fermentation worts to the brewing of industrial opaque beer

Nitrogen compounds in brewing wort and beer: A review

Solid wastes in brewing process: A review

Role of magnesium ions on yeast performance during very high gravity fermentation

Comparison of the mashing and brewing potentials of crude extracts of Abrus precatorius, Burnatia enneandra and Cadaba farinosa

Effect of pasteurization and season on milk composition and ripening of Ras cheese

Consumer preferences and market potential for sorghum based clear beer in Tanzania

Processing of Amgba: A sorghum-maize based beer, brewed in Cameroon

An industrial perspective of factors affecting molasses fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Improvement of ethanol production from sugarcane molasses through enhanced nutrient supplementation using Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Construction of bottom-fermenting yeasts that over express the ubiquitin ligase RSP5 gene and their effects on high-gravity fermentation

Biodegradable polymer drilling mud prepared from guinea corn

Sensory assessment of sorghum brew adjunct and barley brew lager beer

Studies on wine production from coconut (Cocos nucifera)

A study on the effect of thermal treatments on composition and some properties of camel milk

Studies on wine production from pawpaw (Carica papaya)

Modeling the action of technical mashing enzymes on extracts and free-amino nitrogen yields of the Madjeru sorghum cultivar

Polyphenols and antioxidant properties in forced and naturally aged Brazilian beer

Volatile components of aroma hops (Humulus lupulus L.) commonly used in beer brewing

Utilization of milk permeate in the manufacture of sports drinks

Production of alcohol from cassava flour hydrolysate

Paraquat used as a catalyst to increase the percentage of alcohol distillated in illicit brewing industry of Sri Lanka

The environmental and economical advantages of agricultural wastes for sustainability development in Sudan

Evaluation of acute and sub-acute toxicity of ethanol extracts of Cansjera rheedii J. Gmelin (Opiliaceae)

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