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Journal of Business Research

Does age impact self-actualization needs?—an empirical study

Authors: S. Gangwar, S. Bhar, Anand Nagar, K. V. Padmaja, MP Bhopal

Journal: Journal of Business Research

Over a considerable period of time scholars and philosophers have worked on the concept of self-actualization and tried to decipher the aura of ‘Self-actualized’ people whether such people can contribute to the overall objectives of a group. In every society there are some parameters which are perceived as indicators of success. It can be possession of property, wealth, positions of power, or fame. We often pursue the goals which conform to the society standards. Amidst the worldly routines and our quest to pursue the society’s confirmed goals, we sometimes forget what we actually are and thereby, forgoing ‘self-actualization need’. Upon extensive review of literature on the subject, very few studies could be found in which the nature of the relationship between the age of the employees and their self-actualization needs could be established. Through detailed review of literature it has been found that very few studies interlinking self-actualization need and age of the employees have been conducted in India. In order to explore the linkage between age of an employee and self-actualization need further, we are conducting this empirical study. From the empirical data it is clearly visible that the highest percentage of employees having self-actualization need as their dominant need belong to the younger age group in comparison to the higher age groups. It is also observed that self-actualization need drastically reduces in the middle age group in which the lowest percentage of employees have recorded self-actualization need as their dominant need. Thus, although this study supports the existence of needs, the chronology of their dominance may not be as per Maslow’s hierarchy pyramid. This empirical study establishes that there may not be progressive increase in self-actualization need as age progresses. Keywords: Maslow, need priorities, age, self-actualization need