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Journal of Business Research

An Assessment Of Service Quality In Three Banks Operating In Ghana

Authors: F A Okoe, A Puni, G Alabi, J B Damnyang

Journal: Journal of Business Research

An assessment of the service quality of three banks operating in Ghana has been undertaken to establish the relationship between service quality and level of customer satisfaction in the banking industry in Ghana. The methodology was based on a cross sectional study of three hundred bank customers selected from three different banks with a self-developed study instrument and a weighting system adapted from William L Boyd, Myron Leonard and Charles White\'s Standard Instrument for weighting of rating of service quality attributes. The results indicated a direct link between service quality variables and customer satisfaction in the banking industry, and supported observed trends in banking award scheme over the past five years. Journal of Business Research Vol. 1 (1&2) 2007: pp. 7-20