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Journal of Business Research

An examination of the dynamics in the job market in Ghana and the relevance of language to the contemporary business student

Authors: B.S. Akrong

Journal: Journal of Business Research

Currently, in Ghana, the popularity of business courses has dominated the arts; several new universities have been established in Ghana, which provide business programmes. Yet, very little is known if graduates offering business courses are prepared to take up jobs that may require competence in language skills. The study therefore examined the dynamics of job opportunities for business graduates in Ghana and the relevance of language in view of changing trends. The study used quantitative approach and the respondents were business students in one of the public universities in Ghana. The study was based on the theory of human resource development. From the study, 21.6% of the respondents (227) indicated that they were prepared to take up any job that required competence in language skills. Based on this finding, the paper recommends that it is imperative that Ghanaian universities should continue to provide language skills to their students to enhance their employability. Multilingualism is thus advocated as a means of being more marketable in a fast-changing world that is inclining towards business and linguistic competence. Keywords: business job market, business graduates, multilingualism, employment