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Journal of Business Research

An assessment of the dialogic potential of bank websites as a strategic management tool in Ghana

Authors: A. Okoe

Journal: Journal of Business Research

An assessment of the dialogic communication potentials of bank websites and their implications for strategic management was conducted. The study employed qualitative research methodology to analyze the dialogic content of bank websites in Ghana. Data was collected through a coded check-list developed using three previous websites and dialogic communication on twenty- two licensed banks. The study revealed that Ghanaian banks performed above 50% with respect to ease of interface, usefulness of the site, conservation of visitors and return visit but were extremely poor (20%) in relation to the dialogic loop which incidentally measures the interactive nature of the websites. The researchers are of the view that Ghanaian banks should consider upgrading their websites by improving the dialogic loop content to promote interactivity with their publics in order to build a good brand and stay competitive. Key words : Dialogic communication, strategic management, publics