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Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Providing early detection and early intervention for autism spectrum disorder in South Africa: stakeholder perspectives from the Western Cape province

TIGA-CUB-manualised psychoanalytic child psychotherapy versus treatment as usual for children aged 5–11 with treatment-resistant conduct disorders and their primary carers: results from a randomised controlled feasibility trial

Students’ self-reported fears and the perceived origins thereof

Traumatic experiences and dissociation in a non-clinical group of university students in Ecuador: a cross-sectional study

Adolescent positive self, negative self: associated but dissociable?

Book Review: Medical Family Therapy: Advanced Applications


Psychological effects of multimedia-induced sexualisation of girls in middle childhood: a systematic literature review

Contrasting mental health correlates of physical and sexual abuse-related shame

The TEAM model for mental health promotion among school-going adolescents

A case study of two adolescent–parent pairs describing the association between vagal tone and social-emotional adjustment during a Positive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Programme

The development of anxiety symptomatology among juvenile offenders: the roles of maternal substance abuse and unemployment

Perceptions of rural school mental health services: A focus group study

Effects of psycho-education plus basic cognitive behavioural therapy strategies on medication-treated adolescents with depressive disorder in Nigeria

Cannabis use and knowledge among medical students at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa

Can a brief biologically-based psychoeducational intervention reduce stigma and increase help-seeking intentions for depression in young people? A randomised controlled trial

Social support, violence exposure and mental health among young South African adolescents

Trajectories of depression in adolescents and young adults in Vietnam during rapid urbanisation: evidence from a longitudinal study

Age of Opportunity: Lessons from the new science of adolescence

Suicide behaviour among Guyanese orphans: identification of suicide risk and protective factors in a low- to middleincome country

Prevalence, demographic and psychosocial correlates for school truancy among students aged 13–15 in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states

Perceptions of social capital and sexual behaviour among youth in South Africa

The clinical impact of a positive family history of psychosis or mental illness in psychotic and non-psychotic mentally ill adolescents

The psychosocial themes of children with a congenital heart defect

Screen viewing time and externalising problems in pre-school children in Northern Thailand

Psychosocial profile of institutionalised street children in Alexandria, Egypt: a comparative study with school children

Caregiver burden and correlates among caregivers of children and adolescents with psychiatric morbidity: a descriptive cross sectional study

Mindfulness for adolescent chronic pain: a pilot feasibility study

Challenges experienced by parents living with a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Attention-training with children from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds in Cape Town

The voice of the child in parental divorce: implications for clinical practice and mental health practitioners

Psychological health among Chinese college students: a rural/urban comparison

Exploring the relationship between victims and witnesses of aggression and anger expression in Thai adolescents

Identifying risks for mental health problems in HIV positive adolescents accessing HIV treatment in Johannesburg

Prevalence and predictors of suicidal ideations and attempts among homeless children and adolescents in Ghana

Psychometric properties of the Ndetei–Othieno–Kathuku (NOK) Scale: A mental health assessment tool for an African setting

Substance use in adolescents with mental illness in Durban, South Africa

Status of mental-health services for adolescents with psychiatric morbidity in youth correctional institutions in Lagos

The Ububele Baby Mat Service – A primary preventative mental health intervention in a culturally diverse setting

Book Review: Everyone’s guide to divorce and separation

A 12 year chart review of childhood and adolescent onset psychosis at a Nigerian tertiary mental health facility

Factors associated with readmission in South African adolescents discharged from two inpatient psychosocial rehabilitation units

Suicidal ideation among suburban adolescents: The influence of school bullying and other mediating risk factors

Neurocognitive considerations when assessing Theory of Mind in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mothers’ perinatal and infant mental health knowledge in a Johannesburg township setting

The Ububele Baby Mat intervention: facilitating meaning in a multi-cultural context

Behaviour planning and problem solving deficiencies in children with symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder from the Balobedu culture, Limpopo province, South Africa

Towards a comprehensive test specification for normative adolescent fears: a conservation of resources perspective

Tobacco and alcohol use among adolescents in South Africa: shared and unshared risks

The role of fortitude in relation to exposure to violence among adolescents living in lower socio-economic areas in South Africa

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