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Journal of Civil Engineering

Journal of Civil Engineering

Causes of Early Deterioration of Coastal and Marine Structures in Temperate African Countries and Design Approaches to Improve their Service-Lives

Rice Husk Ash Cement – An alternative pozzolana cement for Kenyan building Industry

Properties of Periwinkle-Granite Concrete

Engineering Structures and Environment During this Fast Changing Climatic and Human Thought

Interim Project Financing in the Nigerian Construction Industry

Characteristic Strength and Treatability of a Recycled Paper Mill Wastewater in a UASB Reactor

Fluoride Contamination in Drinking Water in the Rift Valley, Kenya and Evaluation of the Efficiency of a Locally Manufactured Defluoridation Filter

Modelling of Suspended Sediment Discharge for Masinga Catchment Reservoir in Kenya

Through Thickness Ultrasonic Testing and Its Use in Characterising the Mechanical Properties of Various Types of Limestone

What controls the failure process of irregularly-shaped reinforced concrete columns

The effects of resin content variation on the physical and mechanical properties of coffee husks/tannin particleboards

Application of high strength plate bolts in friction grip joints

Computer simulation of orthokinetic flocculation in a filterbed

Flow-through hydraulic flocculator

The impact of the 1997/98 El-Nino rains on the water quality of lake Naivasha, Kenya

Prediction of parametric numbers in filterbed flocculation

After Disaster: the role of surveying in the assessment of building structural integrity

Engineering properties of common subgrade soils below pavement structures in Kenya

Investigation of causes of failures of flexible pavements: a case study of Nairobi-Thika highway

Burnt clay waste as a pozzolanic material in Kenya

Enzymatic Profiles of Activated Sludge from a Wastewater Treatment Plant with Foaming Incident

Sustainable Management of Domestic Solid Wastes in Developing Countries: Operations, Environmental Concerns and Community-Based Strategies in Kenya

The Relationship Between Windspeeds and Kijito Windpump Discharges in Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria

Modelling of Unsteady Flow in Compound Channels

Monthly water balance model for Ndarugu basin, Kenya

Development of a Simple Hydraulic Performance Model for Sasumua Pipelines of Nairobi Water Supply, Kenya

Geomorphological characteristics of upper athi basin and their effect on runoff

Behavior of Skin Friction of Piles subjected to Top-downward and Base-upward compression Loadings

Finite element analysis of tubular joints in offshore structures

Performance of highway bridges during high intensity earthquakes

Simplified analysis of filled steel tubular stub columns under compression

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