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Journal of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Remediation of a simulated petroleum polluted water using pulverised used: Water sachet (Polyethylene)

Authors: Edoga M. O, Kovo A. S., Oledibe M. C.

Journal: Journal of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

The potential of using used-water-sachets, a synthetic polymeric waste, which is not only readily available but indiscriminately littered around Nigerian urban and rural areas, as an adsorbent in removal of oil spilled on water was investigated. Used-water-sachets, a waste generated all over the country, has been converted into a low cost adsorbent. The sachets were collected, pretreated and pulverised to adsorb crude oil from water at various time intervals. The study examined the removal efficiency of pulverized used-water-sachet polyethylene (PUWSP) of crude oil spilled on the surface of water. It was observed that PUWSP was capable of adsorbing the artificially spilled crude oil on the water surface. The crude oil was approximately 100% cleaned up within 3 h time interval.   Key words: Crude oil, sachet polyethylene, pulverized used-water.