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Journal of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

New development of spinel bonded chrome-free basic brick

Authors: S. Ghanbarnezhad, A. Nemati, M. Bavand-Vandchali, R. Naghizadeh

Journal: Journal of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

  Due to the water solubility of Magnesia-Chrome bricks, the hexavalent chromium ion (Cr6+) present in these bricks has been reported for use from rotary cement kilns. Magnesia-Chrome bricks are being replaced with chrome-free brick mainly of magnesia-spinel type. So, the aim of the present study is to develop new Cr-free brick with the addition of TiO2. All of properties such as bulk density, apparent porosity, cold crashing strength, modulus of rupture strength, hot modulus of rupture strength and refractoriness under load are measured on the basis ofJapanese Industrial Standards (JIS). Also, the coating test and corrosion resistance were carried out against raw cement meal. Microstructural analysis and phase identification had been done by scanning electron microscopy, which is equipped with an energy dispersive X-ray analysis (SEM/EDS), also, mineral phases present in the sample were determined by using X-Ray diffraction. According to the result spinel phases such as magnesia-aluminate and magnesia-titanate as a main phase is formed as well as other lateral phases which have promoted the properties and microstructure.   Key words: Cr-free brick, magnesia-titanate, magnesia –aluminate, coating, corrosion.