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Journal of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Journal of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Autocatalysed oxidation of etophylline by permanganate in aqueous sulphuric acid medium- kinetics and mechanistic study

Removal of ammonium and phosphates from aqueous solutions by activated and modified Bulgarian clinoptilolite

Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in sulphuric acid solutions by using tetra methyl ammonium bromide (TMAB)

Comparison of unconstrained search methods for correlation of binary vapor liquid equilibrium (VLE) by five variants of Wilson model

Characterization of stainless steel SS-1672

Synthesis and characterization of (Thallium-Tin) doped Bismuth based superconducting materials

Kinetic and thermodynamic studies on the adsorption behavior of Rhodamine B dye onto animal bone meal

Enhanced photoluminescence from ZnO/ZnS core-shell structure

Chlorine adsorption kinetics of activated carbon from selected local raw materials

A kinetic and mechanistic study on the oxidation of arginine and lysine by hexacyanoferrate (III) catalysed by iridium (III) in aqueous alkaline medium

Biosorption of copper(II) and lead(II) ions from aqueous solutions by modified loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) leaves (MLL)

A simplified cost-effective biosand filter (BSFZ) for removal of chemical contaminants from water

Emissions control catalysts: Links between Fecralloy preoxidation and coating adherence Stephen A. Adegbite

Factors controlling the structural properties of carbon nitride films deposited by electrochemical method

Tween 60 amido black 10B ascorbic acid system: Studies of photogalvanic effect and solar energy conversion

Performance analysis of constricted tube ultrafiltration unit for production of food-grade protein concentrates from food wastes

Preparation and characterization of exfoliated nano-composite of polyvinyl acetate and montmorillonite

Fracture behavior of cryogenically solidified aluminum-alloy reinforced with Nano-ZrO2 metal matrix composites (CNMMCs)

Design and simulation reconfigurable liquid crystal patch antennas on foam substrate

Newly developed friction factor correlation for pipe flow and flow assurance

Investigation of turbulence mixed convection in air filled enclosures

CuO-CeO2 catalytic systems destined for CO removal synthesized by means of the Pechini method: An evaluation of the structures obtained

Algorithm and computational complexity of biochemistry

Optimization of Li-Zn ferrite synthesis parameters using the experimental design method

Equilibrium modeling for a dwndraft biomass gasifier for cotton stalks biomass in comparison with experimental data

Short review on the crystallization behavior of PET/clay nanocomposites

Purification of an industrial aluminum alloy by melt stirring during ohno continuous casting process

The estimation of the cooling tower height by modeling the water and air contact situation in cooling tower falling film

Corrosion inhibition and adsorption behavior of methionine on Mg- Al-Zn alloy

Polyaniline based anticorrosive and anti-molding coating

Modified exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) control chart for an analytical process data

Application of statistical technique to the analysis of passivation of Al - Zn alloy systems in brine

Electrochemical behaviour of some copper alloys in sodium chloride solutions containing different inorganic additives

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