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Journal of Consumer Sciences

Journal of Consumer Sciences

The comfort properties, measured with a Sweating Manikin (WalterTM), of clothing ensembles comprising suits of different fabric constructions and fibre blends

The popularity of seshoeshoe dress for Basotho women

School snacking preferences of children from a low socio-economic status community in South Africa

Dietary diversity amongst adults who buy at shopping malls in the Nelson Mandela Bay area

Black South African Women’s perceptions of obesity in the Msunduzi district of Pietermaritzburg

A self-help weight-management manual limits weight gain in first-year female students living in university residences

What motivates consumers to choose sugared dairy products? A cross-sectional, online survey

An exploration of the consumption, cultivation and trading of indigenous leafy vegetables in rural communities in the greater Tubatse local municipality, Limpopo province, South Africa

The development and application of a fabric objective measurement data system in the South African apparel industry: Hygral expansion and formability

Anolyte as an alternative bleach for stained cotton fabrics

The physical fibre properties of Gonometa postica after degumming the cocoons with different methods

Perceptions of Seshoeshoe fabric, naming and meanings of motifs on fabric

Consumer decision-making and psycho-social well-being as complementary perspectives: a narrative review

An empirical study exploring body perception and apparel fit preferences for South African women

Response of total phenolic content and antioxidant activities of bush tea and special tea using different selected extraction solvents

Addressing low-literacy in the South African clothing retail environment

Lipid profile, hyperglycaemia, systemic inflammation and anthropometry as cardiovascular risk factors and their association with dietary intakes in children from rural Cofimvaba, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Does social capital play a role in climate change adaptation among smallholder farmers for improving food security and livelihoods?

Dietary patterns and BMI status of adult women in greater Letaba municipality, South Africa

Assessment of dietary challenges faced by Sub-Saharan immigrants residing in Gauteng province: a pilot study

Situational analysis: Implementation of the National School Nutrition Programme in low socio-economic primary schools in Nelson Mandela Bay

Consumers’ knowledge about and attitudes towards lucerne (Medicago sativa L.)

Food choices, physical activity levels and other factors associated with weight gain in primary school educators

The association between dietary fat knowledge and consumption of foods rich in fat among black first-year students in a South African university self-catering residences

Consumers’ understanding and use of textile eco-labels during pre-purchase decision making

The female innovation-generation consumer’s evaluation of traditional and virtual displays in South African clothing retail environments

The comfort, measured by means of a sweating manikin (WalterTM), of clothing containing different fibre combinations: a preliminary investigation

Apparel styles suitable for young Swazi women with the prevalent body shapes

Vitamin A-related potential of wild edible plants in a school vegetable garden: a case study from North-West province, South Africa

Postmodern consumers' consciousness of climate change and actions that could mitigate unsustainable consumption

Consumption patterns of street food consumers in Cape Town

Nutrition knowledge of Grade R learners in Durban suburban schools: an intervention study

South African metropolitan consumers’ response to health- related messages regarding fresh vegetables

Dietary intake and nutritional status of adolescent girls and young women in Durban, South Africa

Pedagogical guidance for Consumer Studies reflected in the South African Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS): An international benchmarking

The efficacy of anolyte as an environmentally friendly disinfectant on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus contaminated cotton, polyestercotton and polyester

Food additions that consumers in the professional sector in the city of Cape Town are likely to consume to enhance their phytochemical intake

Designing success: describing a collaborative clothing design process between apprentice designers and expert design entrepreneurs

Sizing for ethnicity in multi-cultural societies: development of size specifications for young South African women of African descent

Development of a food knowledge test for first-year students at a university of technology in the Western Cape, South Africa

Production hygiene and training influences on rural small-scale organic farmer practices: South Africa

Female Muslim students’ dress practices in a South African campus context

Coping strategies of households in the Timane community of Idutywa, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Pedagogical guidance for South African Consumer Studies education

The meaning of food for obese men: a qualitative study

Female consumers’ familiarity with clothing brands and their trust in brand names as an indication of certain desirable properties of clothing

Body shape versus body form: a comparison of the body shapes of female Swazi consumers with those of body forms used in apparel manufacturing

A comparison of the influence of catholyte vs phosphate detergent on the mechanical properties of polyamide 6,6 woven fabric

Demographic differences in adult consumers’ decision-making styles in Tshwane, South Africa

Applying the design process to apparel prototype development: Students’ experiences of a community service-learning project

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