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Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Implementation of vehicle movement notification and location using GSM, GPS and web based information system

Authors: G Suleiman, E.A. Salako, A.O. Umar

Journal: Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

The rate at which crimes are committed in our society these days has become an issue that every government and the society in general have to be concerned with. Stolen of vehicle has increased tremendously and at times such vehicle are been used in committing criminal activities such as armed robbery, kidnapping and of recent insurgency as it is been witness in some part of Nigeria. In view of these challenges, adequate records of stolen, identified and recovered vehicle were not readily available and as such very important. The development of vehicle movement notification and location is one of the solutions to vehicles owner in order to ensure speedy notification, identification and recovery of their vehicles and as well as reduce criminal activities in the society. The system made used of a developed application, installed in a mobile phone device which was embedded in a vehicle to notify the owner whenever an unauthorized user attempted to start the vehicle. A mobile phone was used to communicate with the vehicle owner where the user sent SMS to communicate with the mobile phone sensor in the vehicle. A web application was also developed to determine the real-time vehicle location and as well as database information system of found or missing vehicle. The results obtained after implementation showed that the developed system was effective and could be deployed and used as a cheaper mean of preventing vehicle from been used or stolen by unauthorised individuals. The developed system provided real-time information on the tested-missing and found vehicles for record and documentation purposes. Keywords: Identification, Location, Notification, Record, Security, Theft