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Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Security and ethical issues to cloud database

Authors: A.A. Izang, A.O. Adebayo, O.J. Okoro, O.O. Taiwo

Journal: Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Privacy and Security of data in cloud database is a vital issue as it enables the storage, management and sharing of complex data in a secure platform. Cloud database, a technology that clings onto Cloud Computing paradigm, has privacy and security challenges such as lack of awareness and hegemony of place of data stored, transaction log of data, malicious act, amongst others. Also, ethical issue in the cloud surrounds trust issues from tenants, as the tenants find it difficult outsourcing critical information to a cloud service provider without the interference of a third party. This and many more issues were considered in this paper. This paper, therefore, discussed security, privacy and ethical concerns associated with cloud database by reviewing variety of literatures that discussed about these issues. Furthermore, the paper proposed a conceptual framework for mitigating the security and privacy issues inherent in the cloud database as a way of improving the services of the cloud service providers when deployed. Keywords: Cloud Computing, Cloud Database, Security, Privacy