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Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Analysis of algorithms in long term evolution (LTE) network

Authors: B. M. Kuboye, A. J. Gabriel, A. F. Thompson, V. O. Joseph

Journal: Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Long Term Evolution (LTE) network is a wireless network developed for fast and effective communication among internet users for resource accessing and sharing. Several scheduling algorithms have been proposed in attempts by researchers to solve the problem of scarcity of radio resources available to network users. Determining the best scheduling algorithm based on chosen metrics is an interesting issue of research. In this paper thus, we present a comparative analysis of these scheduling algorithms for resource management in Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. The algorithms; [Proportional Fair (PF), Exaggerated Earliest Deadline First (E2DF), Modified-Largest Weighted Delay First (M-LWDF) and Exponential Proportional Fair (EXP-PF)], were simulated, then compared using standard metrics such as; Block Error Rate (BLER), Spectral Efficiency, Throughput and Fairness with the aim of determining the best performing scheduling algorithm with respect to each of the metrics. Keywords : Wireless Network, Long Time Evolution Network, Scheduling, Computer Network.