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Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Project monitoring and control in nigeria using queuing model

Authors: A.H. Eneh, C.I. Akobundu, D.N. Okafor, U.C. Arinze

Journal: Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Provisions of projects are key to the very existence of governments. Nigeria has a big challenge of abandoned projects because in reality many projects suffer from delays, budget overspends, poor quality, safety concerns, and result to deserted projects. Regrettably, these situations have posed a great challenge in Nigeria and are sometimes, caused by change in governance. To check such challenge, the authors introduced the use of queuing data structure in project monitoring and control. The above was realized by developing a project management system that encodes and enqueue approved project by the government, which are executed using First Come First Serve (FCFS) technique. The performance of each project in process is measured using values (key performance indicators) that will ensure that the objectives of the projects are realized. There are so many key performance indicators for different sectors such as health, education, construction etc but this research concentrated on construction project in order to achieve result. Five (5) key performance indicators were used for the evaluation which includes: cost, time, quality, client satisfaction and safety. Upon the completion of any project, it is dequeued to create space for waiting projects. There are three stages in the system: the waiting stage, the execution stage and archive stage. At each stage, the system updates the progress of the project via SMS to the stakeholders (government, contractors, monitoring team, and the media), so that proper checks for conformity of the work to the initial plan with regards to time, cost and quality. If at evaluation during execution stage, the progress report is not satisfactory, the project is re-awarded to a better contractor, this is in consideration of any initial agreement. Keywords : Project, Monitoring, Control and Queuing