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Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Face detection system for students attendance using Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Authors: A.O. Akinrotimi, R.O. Oladele

Journal: Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Face detection technology has widely attracted attention due to its enormous application value and market potential, such as face recognition and video surveillance system. Real-time face detection not only is one part of the automatic face recognition system but also fast becoming an independent research subject. As such, there are many approaches to solve face detection problems. This paper introduces a new approach in automatic attendance management systems, extended with computer vision algorithms. We propose using real time face detection algorithms integrated on an existing Learning Management System (LMS), which automatically detects and registers students attending on a lecture. The system represents a supplemental tool for instructors, combining algorithms used in machine learning with adaptive methods used to track facial changes during a longer period of time. This new system aims to be less time consuming than traditional methods, at the same time being non-intrusive and does not interfere with the regular teaching process. The tool promises to offer accurate results and a more detailed reporting system which shows student activity and attendance in a classroom. Keywords: Face Recognition, Attendance, Principal Component analysis, Feature Extraction, Machine learning