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Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

UGMAP: A web and mobile application for navigation and notification the University of Ghana, Legon Campus

Authors: W Owusu-Banahene, A.A. Amihere

Journal: Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Getting directions from one place to another on the University of Ghana, Legon campus can be very exhausting. In this project, a more suitable way to locate venues using a web and mobile platform was developed. This research aimed at developing a ''social-academic media'' platform on top of a geo-information service using the power of mobile and web technologies in disseminating information to a wider audience. A web and mobile based ''social-academic media'' platform referred to as UGMAP was developed. UGMAP allows a system administrator to create events and send notifications (alerts) to users through the web and also to their handheld devices. The mobile module of UGMAP is implemented in Android to provide the different routes that the users can take to navigate to their given destinations. This ''social-academic media'' platform enables a system administrator to make modifications of events taking place within the University of Ghana, Legon campus to users via web and or mobile technology. This research shows the role of location based services in a social media context. Future additions to the work will focus on enabling the users to get dynamic route mapping, where the routes on the maps move as the user moves, and to enable any information concerning an event to be automatically fed into the application. Keywords: Android application, location, mobile, web, geoinformation service