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Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Enhanced data storage security in cloud based on blowfish algorithm and text steganography

Authors: M.A Mabayoje, J.F Ajao, F.E. Usman-Hamza, Y.K. Saheed, K.A. Adeniran

Journal: Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Cloud Computing (CC) offers a lot of services that are widely used in Information Technology. These services include sharing of data, information applications and infrastructure, cost reduction, increased storage and flexibility. Despites these services and benefits that CC provides to its user. However, unreliable security, data redundancy and disaster recovery are some of cloud computing challenges. With the existence and introduction of several data security technique, intruders or hackers do not relent in their efforts in developing means of accessing private and important data in the cloud. There are different approaches for securing data in the cloud such as cryptography, steganography, and digital watermarking and so on. This paper presents the combination of Blowfish algorithm (symmetric cryptography) and font properties text steganography to improve the security of data stored in the cloud. Blowfish as a fast and secure symmetric cryptography algorithm was used to change the readable secret data known as plaintext into unreadable format known as cipher text, and then text steganography was applied to the cipher text to change the visibility of the cipher text. The experimental results obtained showed that the proposed system provides reliable security for documents that are store in the cloud. Keywords : Cryptography, Steganography, Digital Watermarking, Cloud Computing, Security.