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Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) among organizations in Lagos State, Nigeria

Authors: Emoghene Ogidiaka, Philip Odion, Martins E. Irhebhude

Journal: Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Today, Lagos State, Nigeria is a major hub for the headquarters of national and global organizations. However, there has been little knowledge of the Internet of Things (IoT) adoption among organizations in the state despite the benefits its offer; such as, optimization in operations, reduction in costs, and improvement in efficiency. The study assessed the current use of the IoT among twenty-nine (29) organizations in Lagos State. The research study employed a non-probability purposive sampling approach while adopting the Monitor Deloitte for Ericsson Denmark maturity model which describe the levels of sophistication with which IoT can be deploy. The statistical package used for the study was IBM SPSS Statistics 23 while research hypotheses were tested using the one-way analysis of variance (One-way ANOVA) and the Chi-Square of Association. Results from the study showed that IoT remains non-existence, in research, planning and early stages of adoption. Thus, organizations still have potential to not only utilize IoT more, but also to sophisticate how IoT is used. These findings form the baseline for future studies on the adoption of IoT among organizations in the state, tracking organizations usage of it over time and giving an indication of how quickly organizations are progressing with the IoT. Keywords: Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M), Nigeria, Sensors, Networks