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Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Cloud model construct for transaction-based cooperative systems

Authors: A.A. Ajuwon, R.O. Oladele

Journal: Journal of Computer Science and Its Application

Plethora of cooperative enterprise models exist in practice. Inherent complex and tasking operations and lack of financial strength to procure cutting edge Information Technology infrastructure are some of the problems faced by these cooperative enterprises. In this paper, a cloud model is constructed for transaction-based cooperative systems with a view to mitigating these problems. The model is implemented using a server script language (PHP) and Mysql database engine. Test results show that while database security issues can be intuitively tackled by using Mersenne Twister random number algorithm, server scripts are secured through simple abstraction. Results also reveal that credit cooperatives will benefit from the model by taking advantage of its low initial investment feature to make them part owner of the cloud software. It is therefore safe to conclude that while cooperative accounting is a new area for research attention, this model can solve the problems associated with cooperative administration. Keywords: Cloud, Cooperative Enterprise, Database Engine, Transaction, Algorithm, Model