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Journal of Experimental and Clinical Anatomy

Journal of Experimental and Clinical Anatomy

Histological effect of ethanolic leaf extract of Codiaeum variegatum on the cerebrum of adult Wistar rats

A review of abnormal birth positions and complications in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Evaluation of nose shape as a Mendelian‑inherited trait in the determination of parentage among Nigerians in Port Harcourt

Is cadaveric dissection vital in anatomy education? Perceptions of 1 st and 2 nd year medical students

Effects of jujube fruit extract on acetic acid‑induced colitis in adult male rats

Morphological features of the distal ileum and ceca of the common pigeon ( Columba livia )

Cheiloscopy ‑ A diagnostic and deterministic mirror for establishment of person identification and gender discrimination: A study participated by Indian Medical students to aid legal proceedings and criminal investigations

A retrospective insight into patterns of humeral shaft fractures among Nigerians from radiological viewpoint

Anthropometric and body composition parameters of Kaduna and Rivers State women aged 18–30 years

Common peroneal nerve entrapment with the communication between inferior gluteal nerve and common peroneal nerve

Conference proceedings for the 15 th scientific conference of the society of experimental and clinical anatomists of Nigeria (SECAN), “ABRAKA 2016”

Ectopic cutaneous umbilical gastric mucosa

Regression equations for the estimation of radial length from its morphometry in South‑West Nigerian population

Experimental diabetes and the epididymis of Wistar rats: The protective effects of Anacardium occidentale (Linn.)

Histological alteration of the pulmonary alveoli, renal cortex and spleen following exposure to open refuse dump site

Patterns of distal humeral fractures among Nigerians: A radiologic study

Hydro‑methanol leaf extract of lemon grass is friendly with the histology of albino Wistar rats’ kidneys

Histopathological effects of acetaminophen abuse in male Wistar rats, and prevalence in human subjects: An experimental and cross‑sectional study

Profertility effects of aqueous leaf extract of Telfairia occidentalis in adult male Wistar rats

Relationship between body mass index and timing of maturation

Attitude of Jos University medical students to their initial encounter with cadavers in the dissecting room

Prevalence of nutrition associated ponderal outcomes among school children and adolescents in Ebonyi State, South‑East Nigeria

Gender and environmental influence on laterality functions among preclinical students of the University of Benin, Benin City

Thyroid volume by ultrasound in asymptomatic gravid and non-gravid controls in a negroid population in Nigeria

Effect of ethanolic extract of Ocimum gratissimum on sodium nitrite‑induced cerebellar cortex toxicity in adult Wistar rats

Von Economo neurons: A review of the anatomy and functions

Anatomical variations in the level of bifurcation of the sciatic nerve in Ethiopia

Anatomical investigation on the appendicular skeleton of the cattle egret ( Bubulcus ibis )

Protective effects of ethanolic extract of Mormodica charantia leaf on lead nitrate‑induced bone marrow toxicity

Effect of curcumin on the expression of Caspase‑3 and Bcl‑2 in the spleen of diabetic rats

Prevalence of uterine fibroid in a South‑Western Nigerian population: A sonographic study

Stavudine, an anti‑retroviral drug induces reactive astrocytes in motor cortex of albino mice

The effect of different cassava ( Manihot utilissima ) components on liver function of male Wistar rats

Determination of year 1 undergraduate students’ interest in the anatomy bachelor degree program

Barium stone formation in the vagina of a child with persistent cloaca following a distal colostogram

Morphological evaluation of the superior colliculus of young Wistar rats following prenatal exposure to Carica papaya leaf extract

Effects of aqueous leaf extract of Chaya ( Cnidoscolus aconitifolius ) on pituitary‑gonadal axis hormones of male Wistar rats

Uvaria afzelii root extract protects the liver against damage caused by carbontetrachloride ingestion

Neurobehavioral and histological effects of Akaki extract on the temporal lobe: Mimicking traditional treatment method

Influence of gender on quadriceps (Q) angle among adult Urhobos in Nigeria population

A histomorphologic analysis of pyrethroid pesticide on the cerebrum and cerebellum of adult albino rats

Ameliorative effect of ascorbic acid on mercury chloride‑induced changes on the spleen of adult wistar rats

Extracts of Hunteria umbellata reverses the effect of streptozotocin‑induced pancreatic islet‑cell destruction

The manual tests that can elicit the strongest responses from the palmaris longus muscle

Histopathological evaluatin of the hepatoprotective activity of stem bark extracts of Garcinia Kola on acetaminophen-Induced liver injury in rats

Sagittal angle and orientation of superior articular faces of the zygapophyseal joints at Lumbosacral Junction

The effects of methanolic extract of Moringa oleifera lam roots on the histology of ovary and female reproductive tract of guinea pigs

Parturient symphysis-fundal height measurement of Nigeria Pregnant women: A predictor of birth weight

The use of liquid based cytology and conventional papanicolaou smear in cervical screening: A comparison study

Estimation of stature from lower limb measurement in Urhobos of Southern Nigeria

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