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Journal of Engineering and Computer Innovations

Journal of Engineering and Computer Innovations

RodentSQL: A software suite for colony management of animal protocols

Creating E-pedigree Kanban to secure customers chain using multi-agent image technique

Optoelectronic properties of zinc blende and wurtzite structured binary solids

Comparison and performance analysis of reactive type DSR, AODV and proactive type DSDV routing protocol for wireless mobile ad-hoc network, using NS-2 simulator

Optimization of spatial join using constraints based- clustering techniques

New approaches to automatic headline generation for Arabic documents

Hybrid time-frequency domain adaptive filtering algorithm for electrodynamic shaker control

Integrated service quality enhancement of wireless optical communication systems for long haul transmission distances

Tool for evaluation using virtual reality

Ultra high speed semiconductor electro-optic modulator devices for gigahertz operation in optical communication systems

Versatile solid-state stepper motor controllers

Interference reduction in mobile ad hoc and sensor networks

A Feature preserved mesh simplification algorithm

Commodity futures market mechanism: Mathematical formulation and some analytical properties

Scenario based performance analysis of reliant ad hoc on-demand distance vector routing (R-AODV) for mobile ad hoc network

Dynamic task scheduling using service time error and virtual finish time

Sample reduction using recursive and segmented data structure analysis

Hybrid mixed handover for call blocking probability analysis in wireless ATM network

Construction and adjustment of differential polynomial neural network

Design of fuzzy PD-controlled overhead crane system with anti-swing compensation

Clustering analysis: A case study of the environmental data of RAMA-Toluca

Cooperative control and synchronization with time delays of multi-robot systems

Statistical modeling and computer simulation of corrosion growth in aluminum alloy

Simulating of microstructure and magnetic properties of nanostructured Fe and Fe50Co50 powders by neural networks

The Writing-Pal tutoring system: Development and design

Implementation of a one-lead ECG human identification system on a normal population

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