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Journal of Education in Developing Areas


Authors: Oghenetega Ivwighreghweta, Ejitagha Stella

Journal: Journal of Education in Developing Areas

Globally, the use of internet resources has become an important part of our educational system and undergraduates are heavy users of the internet, hence, academic achievements depend on the ability to read and share information effectively.This study investigated the Internet usage among undergraduates in Western Delta University, Oghara, Delta State, Nigeria. The specific objectives of the research were to identify the computer and internet skills of undergraduates, find out the types of internet access the undergraduates use in connecting to the Internet, frequency and duration of Internet use among undergraduates, most frequently used location for Internet usage, activities engaged in by the undergraduates when using the Internet and challenges faced when accessing the Internet. Six research questions were raised. Descriptive survey design was utilized for the study. The population for this study was 300 undergraduates of the Western Delta University who visited the library during the first semester examination of 2019/2020 academic section. Frequency counts and simple percentages were used in analysing the data. Finding revealed that WDU undergraduates possess computer and Internet skills of undergraduates, they access the Internet using their mobile phone and also through the use of cyber-café andthey useit on a daily basis between 2hrs and above. Hostels and Cybercafé (around or outside the university) were identified as the undergraduates preferred locations for Internet access and usage. Academic work, social networking, gathering information for literature review and assignment and sending and receiving mails were the purpose whyundergraduates use the Internet. Online databases, social networking and search engines e.g. Google, AltaVista, yahoo, World Wide Web were the most utilized/accessed Internet resources.Inadequate internet access in the university, high cost of Internet usage and power outages were some of the problems militating against the effective utilization of the Internet.The study recommended among others that Internet should be made available to undergraduates in the University Library and stocked with sufficient number of computers and also adequate space and facilities should be provided for those that want to make use of their own lap-top. This will enable them to save relevant information discovered, to be use at a later date.